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Aewerdieck, Björn

Zeichen am Himmel. Deutung und Bewältigung eines spektakulären Himmelsphänomens von der Antike bis in die Frühe Neuzeit [Signs in the Sky. Interpretation and Mastering of a Spectacular Sky Phenomenon from Antiquity up to Early Modern Times]

Bleckmann (née Wetzel), Richard

The Neolithic transition in the Havelland / Brandenburg. A diachronic analysis of the development of the early Neolithic landscape – continuity or discontinuity.

Boysen, Sara Celine

Roman Villa Landscapes in Ancient Italy. Literary Perception, Development, Utilization.

Brunner, Mirco

Chronologie, Mobilität und Kulturtransfer am Beispiel einer inneralpinen Siedlungslandschaft. Eine landschaftsarchäologische Untersuchung des zentralen Alpenraums.

Böhme, Lisa

Infectious diseases in Northern Europe during the late medieval ages: A host-genomic study.

Danborg Torfing, Tobias

Exploring the Networks of the TRB

Di Maida, Gianpiero

Landscape evolution and life in the caves of Sicily from late Pleistocene to early Holocene. A database of the Sicilian record and interpretative models.

Egetenmeyr, Veronika

Imago Aliorum. The Construction of “Otherness” in the Epistolography of 5th century Gaul

Égüez, Natàlia

Pastoralist Geo-Ethnoarchaeology: Microstratigraphic investigation of stabling spaces in mobile communities. Dung and organic matter as biomarkers.

Franz, Ingmar

Pottery Production as Proxy for the Emergence of Early Social Complexity in the Near Eastern and European Neolithic

Fuchs, Katharina

Anthropological and socio-archaeological analysis of a Bronze Age burial ground with key position from the Northern Caucasus (working title).

Gelabert Oliver, Maria

Landscape distribution of Talaiotic monuments as markers of social space.

Grassel, Philipp

The late hanseatic shipping in the North Atlantic from 15th to 17th century. The maritime archaeological potential of hanseatic trading places in the Shetland Islands, the Faroe Islands and Iceland on the basis of archaeological and historical sources.

Grunert, Nicole

Space Syntax and the Household- Changes in Social Complexity.

Hermes, Taylor Randolph

Isotopic Perspectives on Pastoral Ecology, Cultural Interaction, and Social Complexity in Bronze Age eastern Kazakhstan.

Hoffmann, Saskia

Pindar´s Sixth Olympian Ode for Hagesias of Syracuse and Stymphalos

Hoo, Milinda

Eurasian Localisms. Transregional culture and local appropriation in the ideoscape of Central Asia, 4th century BCE - 1st century CE

Kiesow, Sandra

Cultivated mountain slopes in the north of Madeira Island, Portugal.

Kleijne, Jos

The beginning of Beaker. Understanding the adoption and regional interpretation of the Bell Beaker idea

Kornell, Sabin-Christin

Reconstruction of ancient methylation maps in comparison to the ancient oral microbiome.

Kossack, Daniel

High- and Late Middle Ages mottes in the shire Holstein (ca. 11th - 16th Century). Their significance for the colonization of the region and the socio-economic formation of the landscape.

Krause, Jessica Susanne

Theseus as a Symbol of Athens? The Attic Demos Heros in Representations of Public Art outside Attica

Krütgen, Nadine

Architecture of Roman Villas in Paintings and Mosaics. Images of Villas in the Roman Empire and Late Antiquity and their Meaning.

Magnussen, Stefan

Castles in Contested Landscapes. Minor Castles in the Duchy of Schleswig as Phenomenon of Societal and Territorial Changes (13th to 16th Century).

Merten, Stephanie

Room Determinants and Scopes of Action. Facets of a City using the Example of the Pompeian Forum.

Meurer, Philipp

Landscape, Perception and Imagination. Concepts of Identity and Alterity in Dutch Landscape Painting of the 16th and 17th Centuries

Nergiz, Safak

Settlement Patterns in Eastern Thrace (Turkey) during the Neolithic and Chalcolithic Periods.

Oflaz, Asli

Spatial and Temporal Distribution Patterns of Archaeological Sites.

Ohlrau, René

Sustainability and Collapse of Tripolian Megasites.

Ohlsen, Claudia

Eventisation of rurality in times of globalisation. A cultural anthropology study at the example of Schleswig-Holstein

Petri, Ingo

Comparative Investigations about Extracting and Working of Metals in the West Slavonic Area Particularly Researched in the Case of the Earthwork Starigard/Oldenburg (Schleswig-Holstein)and Grzybowo-Rabieyce (Greater Poland)

Prust, Anja

Continuity, Adaption and Innovation - Livestock Economy of the Roman Mediterranean Provinces (working title).

Reul, Kinga

Entrepreneurship within the Maori Culture – A Case Study Regarding the Implications for Social Change in Terms of Resource Use and Work Society.

Rizou, Kleoniki

Landscapes of the mind and the mind of landscape – the Muses in literature and ritual tradition

Savu, Mihaela

Tracking a specialization: Fishing gears in the Lower Danube during the 5th millennium BC as an adaptive response to different environmental resources and constraints

Schmidt, Laura Carina

Sicily and Egypt. Sappho and her biographies

Scholz, Heiko

The Location of the Hoard: Study on the Relative Positions of Bronze Age Metal Depositions in the Southern and Western Baltic Sea Region (working title).

Schroedter, Tim

Tell in the Woods? Woodland-Management and Social Differentiation of Wood Use in SE Europe and Turkey.

Staniuk, Robert

Tradition and Practice – Study on Pottery, Chronology and Social Dynamics of the Hungarian Bronze Age

Tiedtke, Verena

Grave and Space: Organisation of Landscape and Communication Clusters in and around the Burial Site Müllrose, East Brandenburg

Titova, Evgeniya

Empire Building and Identity Development. The Spatial and Cultural Aspects of the Reign of Tigran the Great.

von Scheffer, Clemens

Climate, Environment and Human impact signals in the Silvretta Region since the last deglaciation – A geochemical and sedimentological analysis of micro peat bogs

Wierzgon, Anna

How healthy were people in the Middle Ages? An archaeobotanical approach to plant use in Lübeck in the 12th century

Winkler, Katja

Ahrensburgian and Swiderian of the Younger Dryas on both sides of the middle Oder River. A research based on archaeological data and natural conditions in the Late Glacial.

Wollentz, Gustav

The Wounded Landscape.

Zanon, Marco

Facing adverse climate and land overexploitation. Unfolding mass population displacements in the Garda Lake area during the Bronze Age.

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