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Aewerdieck, Björn

Aewerdieck, Björn (Germany, 1978)

Staatsexamen in History and German

PhD Project: Zeichen am Himmel. Deutung und Bewältigung eines spektakulären Himmelsphänomens von der Antike bis in die Frühe Neuzeit [Signs in the Sky. Interpretation and Mastering of a Spectacular Sky Phenomenon from Antiquity up to Early Modern Times]

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Bleckmann (née Wetzel), Richard

Bleckmann (née Wetzel), Richard (Germany, 1980)

Dipl.-Prähist. in Archaeology

PhD Project: The Neolithic transition in the Havelland / Brandenburg. A diachronic analysis of the development of the early Neolithic landscape – continuity or discontinuity.

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Boysen, Sara Celine

Boysen, Sara Celine

Staatsexamen in Latin Philology and History

PhD Project: Roman Villa Landscapes in Ancient Italy. Literary Perception, Development, Utilization.

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Brunner, Mirco

Brunner, Mirco (Swiss,1987)

M.A. in Prehistory

PhD Project: Chronologie, Mobilität und Kulturtransfer am Beispiel einer inneralpinen Siedlungslandschaft. Eine landschaftsarchäologische Untersuchung des zentralen Alpenraums.

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Böhme, Lisa

Böhme, Lisa (Germany, 1987)

M.Sc. in Forensic Science [B.Sc. in Biology]

PhD Project: Infectious diseases in Northern Europe during the late medieval ages: A host-genomic study.

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Danborg Torfing, Tobias

Danborg Torfing, Tobias (Denmark, 1983)

M.A. in prehistoric archaeology

PhD Project: Exploring the Networks of the TRB

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Di Maida, Gianpiero

Di Maida, Gianpiero (Italy, 1980)

M.A. in Archaeology and History of Art of the Ancient World and the Levant; in Classical Studies

PhD Project: Landscape evolution and life in the caves of Sicily from late Pleistocene to early Holocene. A database of the Sicilian record and interpretative models.

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Egetenmeyr, Veronika

Egetenmeyr, Veronika (Germany, 1987)

Magister in Ancient History, Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology, and History

PhD Project: Imago Aliorum. The Construction of “Otherness” in the Epistolography of 5th century Gaul

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Égüez, Natàlia

Égüez, Natàlia (Spain)

M.A. in Archaeology

PhD Project: Pastoralist Geo-Ethnoarchaeology: Microstratigraphic investigation of stabling spaces in mobile communities. Dung and organic matter as biomarkers.

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Franz, Ingmar

Franz, Ingmar (Germany, 1979)

M.A. in Prehistoric Archaeology & Geography

PhD Project: Pottery Production as Proxy for the Emergence of Early Social Complexity in the Near Eastern and European Neolithic

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Fuchs, Katharina

Fuchs, Katharina (Germany, 1985)

Dipl.-Prähist. in Pre- and Protohistory, Anthropology and Zoology

PhD Project: Anthropological and socio-archaeological analysis of a Bronze Age burial ground with key position from the Northern Caucasus (working title).

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Grunert, Nicole

Grunert, Nicole (Germany, 1983)

M.A. in Near Eastern Archaeology

PhD Project: Space Syntax and the Household- Changes in Social Complexity.

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Hermes, Taylor Randolph

Hermes, Taylor Randolph

M.A. in Anthropology

PhD Project: Isotopic Perspectives on Pastoral Ecology, Cultural Interaction, and Social Complexity in Bronze Age eastern Kazakhstan.

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Hoffmann, Saskia

Hoffmann, Saskia (Germany, 1980)

M.A. in Indo-European Linguistics, Greek and Latin Philology, Romance Languages and Literature

PhD Project: Pindar´s Sixth Olympian Ode for Hagesias of Syracuse and Stymphalos

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Hoo, Milinda

Hoo, Milinda (The Netherlands, 1990)

M.A. in Ancient History

PhD Project: Eurasian Localisms. Transregional culture and local appropriation in the ideoscape of Central Asia, 4th century BCE - 1st century CE

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Kiesow, Sandra

Kiesow, Sandra (Germany, 1982)

M.Sc. in Agronomy

PhD Project: Cultivated mountain slopes in the north of Madeira Island, Portugal.

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Kleijne, Jos

Kleijne, Jos (The Netherlands, 1987)

Mag. phil. in Archaeology

PhD Project: The beginning of Beaker. Understanding the adoption and regional interpretation of the Bell Beaker idea

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Kornell, Sabin-Christin

Kornell, Sabin-Christin (Germany, 1987)

M.Sc. in Biology [B.Sc. in Biology]

PhD Project: Reconstruction of ancient methylation maps in comparison to the ancient oral microbiome.

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Kossack, Daniel

Kossack, Daniel (Germany, 1988)

M.A. in Prehistoric and Historic Archaeology

PhD Project: High- and Late Middle Ages mottes in the shire Holstein (ca. 11th - 16th Century). Their significance for the colonization of the region and the socio-economic formation of the landscape.

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Krause, Jessica Susanne

Krause, Jessica Susanne (Germany, 1986)

M.A. in Classical Archaeology

PhD Project: Theseus as a Symbol of Athens? The Attic Demos Heros in Representations of Public Art outside Attica

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Krütgen, Nadine

Krütgen, Nadine (Germany, 1981)

M.A. in Classical Archaeology, Art History and Pre- and Protohistory

PhD Project: Architecture of Roman Villas in Paintings and Mosaics. Images of Villas in the Roman Empire and Late Antiquity and their Meaning.

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