Large/stationary Equipment

Über folgende Laborausstattungen und Großgeräte verfügt die Graduiertenschule „Human Development in Landscapes“.

The Graduate School “Human Development in Landscapes” has the following laboratory equipment and large-scale facilities.


Archaeobotany and Environmental Archaeology

Device Description/Type
Laboratory equipment Archaeobotany Microscopes (x3 with cross-polarised light filter), equipment for phytolit analyses, analytical balance
Table centrifuge Rotofix 32 A
Dendrochronological annual ring measuring table
Laboratory equipment Environmental Archaeology Cold storage container with rack system
Accessories for drilling rig equipment for tube drilling device, motorized winch, electric winch

Archaeozoology, Isotope Research and aDNA

Laboratory equipment Archaeozoology/Isotope Research Mill Control, vacuum drying cabinet (VT6025), high-vacuum pump
Mass spectrometer Picarro 2130-i, IM-CRDS
Bio Robot (DNA Extraktor)

Ecosystem Research

Laboratory equipment Ecosystem Research Laboratory microscope, vibrating tube mill

Graduate School

Octocopter Asktec Falcon
PC/GIS – Laboratory 10 PCs with GIS software