Flying over Ur


The Christmas programme at Kiel’s Media Dome features an ancient highlight this year. Within the show “Star of Bethlehem”, the audience is taken on an animated flight over the Ziggurat of Ur. This scene was generated under the scientific guidance of Graduate School member Andrea Ricci.

Screenshot showing the animated Ziggurat.

In his PhD thesis he researches the cultural landscapes along the Middle Euphrates River Valley from the 5th to the 3rd millennium BC. “It is impossible to say exactly how the Ziggurat might have looked like some 2.500 years ago”, Andrea says, “nevertheless, a range of research results have been integrated into the making of the film.” Ziggurats were massive buildings which looked like terraced step pyramids. The Ziggurat of Ur stood near the present-day Iraqi town of Nasiriyah, its earliest stage of construction dating back to the 21st century BC.

Text: Jirka N. Menke, Photo: Mediendom FH Kiel