Honouring the alumni


Towards the end of the year, the first alumni of the Graduate School were honoured by the Executive Board.

Standing, from left: Mara Weinelt (Scientific Coordinator), Lutz Käppel (Co-Coordinator), Johannes Müller (Coordinator), Vincent Robin and Aikaterini Glykou; kneeling: Rémi Berthon, Martin Hinz, Ben Krause-Kyora and Christoph Steffen.

Coordinator Johannes Müller and co-coordinator Lutz Käppel handed over certificates to Rémi Berthon, Aikaterini Glykou, Martin Hinz, Ben Krause-Kyora, Vincent Robin and Christoph Steffen. As a souvenir of their time in the GS, the freshly graduated scholars received bags made of the banner that had announced the first international Graduate School workshop in 2009 – each of them unique. Also awarded their PhD in 2011, but unable to attend were Carolin Lubos, Kemal Moetz, and Christoph Nübel.

Text & Photo: Jirka N. Menke