Modelling in the Graduate School


The Graduate School hosts a workshop about modelling on June 25 and 26. Participants of the event come from Kiel, Amsterdam, London, Bochum, Groningen, and Geesthacht.

“Ancient eco-social systems are an ideal object for modeling. In phase 2 from 2012 to 2017, we want to intensify this interdisciplinary field”, says organizer Oliver Nakoinz.

Participants’ contributions are grouped in two main sessions: Settlement Patterns and Population Dynamics on June 25, and Systems of Transportation on June 26. The Biweekly Colloquium of the Graduate School on Monday evening is also loaded with workshop content: Philip Verhagen talks about “Introducing the Human Factor in Predictive Modelling”. The workshop “Modelling in the Graduate School: Interrelations of Environmental and Social Change with a Focus on Economic Relations” takes place at Leibnizstraße 1, room 204 (June 25) and room 105a (June 26).