Vivid internationality


Four PhD students from Ukraine, Switzerland and Moldova are visiting the Graduate School, supported by short-time scholarships. Another scientific guest is postdoctoral research fellow Pedro Germano Leal from Brazil. Read more to find out about their fields of research and how long they are going to stay in Kiel.

scientific guests at gshdl autumn 2015

Scientific guests at the Graduate School and their mentors (from left): Pedro Germano Leal, Maren Biederbick, René Ohlrau, Liudmyla Shatilo, Mirco Brunner and Vitalii Rud.

“We are happy about this unique opportunity to advance our research projects and to deepen our network”, announced in a joint statement four of the five international guests at the Graduate School when they recently assembled for the photo shown here. The short-time PhD scholarships for early-stage researchers from abroad tendered by the GS this summer were awarded to the archaeologists Liudmyla Shatilo and Vitalii Rud from Ukraine, Mirco Brunner from Switzerland and Stanislav Terna from Moldova. They all have close connections to the GS, for example by previous co-operation work in a Tripolian megasite project, and are mentored by local project partners such as the GS PhD student René Ohlrau. Liudmyla, Vitalii, Mirco and Stanislav each have a desk in the GS building and will be here until December. They are eager to get in contact with fellow investigators from their respective fields.
Postdoctoral research fellow Pedro Germano Leal from Brazil is visiting the GS through an initiative of PhD student Maren Biederbick. He is an expert in visual arts and offers seminars and a talk during his one-month stay in Kiel.