Workshop outcomes published


Three volumes have now been published comprising most of the papers that were presented at the GS workshop in March 2011. See book details.

The second international Graduate School workshop “Socio-Environmental Dynamics over the last 12.000 Years: The Creation of Landscapes II” produced fruitful discussions and scientific exchange among the participants. Three volumes have now been published from three of the sessions, comprising most of the papers presented there:

“Collapse or Continuity? Environment and Development of Bronze Age Human Landscapes”
(editors Jutta Kneisel, Wiebke Kirleis, Marta Dal Corso, Nicole Taylor and Verena Tiedtke)

“As time goes by? Monumentality, Landscapes and the Temporal Perspective”
(editors Martin Furholt, Martin Hinz and Doris Mischka)

“Tells: Social and Environmental Space”
(editors Robert Hofmann, Fevzi-Kemal Moetz and Johannes Müller)

In principle, one of the main areas of interest is addressed in each volume: strategies for, and influences on, landscapes; the organization of networks and space; reception of landscapes and social space. In addition to palaeo-ecological and archaeological studies, aspects of societal patterns and changes are presented.

The volumes have been published by Habelt GmbH (Bonn) as issues 205 to 207 of the series “Universitätsforschungen zur prähistorischen Archäologie”.