Prof. Dr. Ralph Schneider, Academic staff

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Prof. Dr. Ralph Schneider (Germany, 1958)

founding member

PhD Columbia University (Habilitation: University of Bremen)
Research area Marine palaeoclimatic research
Scientific Education

Habilitation, Geology & Palaeontology, Geoscience Institute, Bremen University.

PhD Thesis (summa cum laude).

DAAD Doctoral Fellowship at LDEO, Columbia University, N.Y.

Diploma in Geology and Palaeontology.

Scientific experience

Contracts and functions
Since 2005

Director at the Institute of Geosciences, Kiel University.

Since 2003
C4-Professor, Marine Paleoclimate Research.

Professor for Paleoceanography & Paleoclimatology, Bordeaux University, France.

2001 - 2003
Senior Researcher, Centre for Marine Environmental Sciences (MARUM), Bremen University. Invited Guest-Professorship, Bordeaux University.

1995 - 2000
Assistant Professor, Bremen University, Subproject leader A4: Paleocirculation, Paleoproductivity, and Paleo-CO2, SFB 261.

Post-doc researcher, Special research project (SFB) 261: The South Atlantic, Circulation and Material Fluxes, Present and Past, Bremen University.

Since 2004

Director of IMAGES, the marine Past Global Change programme (PAGES), core project of IGPB.

2002 - 2003
Speaker of the German climate research programme (DEKLIM, BMBF).

2001 - 2003
Section leader ‘Marine Paleoenvironments’ and Steering Committee member of the DFG Research Centre ‘Ocean Margins’, Bremen University.

German representative, IMAGES Scientific Committee.

1995 - 1998
Scientific Secretary, SFB 261.


Ozean und norddeutsches Klima (SPP 1400: Monumentality and eraly social differensation)

2003 - 2006
Models and observations to test climate feedbacks (MOTIF) – EU 5th Framework Programme – (Co-proponents: P. Branconot (coordinator), T. Fichefet, J. Guiot, S. Harrison, C. Hewitt, E. Jansen, M. Latif, P. Valdes, S.L. Weber).

2003 - 2006
Sedimentation Processes on the Portuguese Margin (SEDPORT): The Role of Continental Climate, Ocean Circulation, Sea Level, and Neotectonics – European Science Foundation, Eurocores Euromargin Programme – (Coordinator, co-proponents: D. Kroon, F. Abrantes).

2002 - 2004
AMS-14C dating of specific organic molecular compounds from marine sediments – German Science Foundation – (Coordinator, co-proponents: P. Grootes, J. Rullkötter).

2002 - 2004
Coordinated European Surface Ocean Palaeo-estimation Collaboration, (CESOP) – (Co-proponents: E. Jansen [coordinator], H. Elderfield, G. Ganssen, J. Grimalt, L. Labeyrie).

2002 - 2004
European Co-ordination on Mediterranean and Black Sea Prodeltas, (EURODELTA) – EU 5th Framework Programme – (Co-proponents: F. Trincardi [coordinator], C. Amos, S. Berné, M. Canals, J. Lowe, V. Lyskousis, J. Mienert, N. Panin, G. Postma, M. Tesson, C.Vella, G. J. Weltje).

2001 - 2004
GHOST, Global Holocene Spatial Temperature Variability – German Climate Research Programme (DEKLIM), BMBF – (Coordinator, co-proponents: U. Cubasch, K. Herterich, G. Lohmann, S. Lorenz, G. Wefer).

2001 - 2004
Past Climate Sensitivity and Variability – German Climate Research Programme (DEKLIM), BMBF – (Co-proponents: S. Harrison [coordinator], M. Heimann, K. Kohfeld).

2001 - 2003
The TEMPUS project on intercalibration and application of alkenones for paleotemperature reconstructions in the surface ocean – EU 5th Framework Programme – (Co-proponents: A. Rosell-Melé [coordinator], E. Bard, K. C. Emeis, P. Farrimond, J. Grimalt, P. Müller).

2000 - 2003
The distribution, scavenging, and sedimentary accumulation of the radionuclides 231Pa- und 230Th in the Atlantic with special emphasis on high productive areas – German Science Foundation – (Co-proponent: A. Mangini).

Selected publications

Leduc, G., Schneider, R. R., Kim, J.H., Lohmann, G.: Holocene and Eemian Sea surface temperature trends as revealed by alkenone and Mg/Ca paleothermometry. Quaternary Science Reviews, 29: 989-1004.

MARGO Project Members: Waelbroeck, C., Paul, A., Kucera, M., Rosell-Melé, A., Weinelt, M., Schneider, R. R., Mix, A. C., and 45 co-authors: Constraints on the magnitude and patterns of ocean cooling at the Last Glacial Maximum. Nature Geoscience, 2: 127-132, DOI: 10.1038/NGEO411.

Brovkin, V., Kim, J.-H., Hofmann, M., Schneider, R. R.,: A lowering effect of reconstructed Holocene changes in sea surface temperatures on the atmospheric CO2 concentration. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 22, GB1016. doi: 10.1029/2006GB002885.

Kim, J.-H., Meggers, H., Rimbu, N., Lohmann, G., Freudenthal, T., Müller, P. J., Schneider, R. R.: Impacts of the North Atlantic gyre circulation on Holocene climate off northwest Africa. Geology 35/5: 387-390. doi: 10.1130/G23251A.1.

Weldeab, S., Lea, D., Schneider, R. R., Andersen, N.: 155,000 years of West African monsoon and ocean thermal evolution. Science 316: 1303-1307. DOI: 10.1126/science.1140461.

Weldeab, S., Lea, D., Schneider, R. R., Andersen, N.,: Centennial scale climate instabilities in a wet early Holocene West African monsoon. Geophysical Research Letters 34, L24702. doi:10.1029/2007GL031898.

Lorenz, S., Kim, J.-H., Rimbu, N., Schneider, R. R., Lohmann, G.: Orbitally driven insolation forcing on Holocene climate trends: Evidence from alkenone data and climate modelling. Paleoceanography 21, PA1002. doi:10.1029/2005PA001152.

Weldeab, S., Schneider, R. R., Kölling, M.: Deglacial sea surface temperature and salinity increase in the western tropical Atlantic in synchrony with high latitude climate instabilities. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 241: 699-706.

Schefuß, E., Schouten, S., Schneider, R. R.: Climatic controls on central African hydrology during the last 20,000 years. Nature 437: 1003-1006. doi: 10.1038/nature03945.

Weldeab, S., Schneider, R.R., Kölling, M., Wefer, G.: Holocene African droughts relate to eastern equatorial Atlantic cooling. Geology 33/12: 981-984. doi: 10.1130/G21874.1.


In progress
Mollier-Vogel, E.: The sedimentary nitrogen isotope signal off Peru: Relationship to upwelling, biological productivity and oxygen minimum conditions over the last 20.000 years.

In progress
Butruille, C.: Mid Holocene climate variability in northern Germany and adjacent oceans. Stable isotopes and geochemical approach.

Alt-Epping, U.: Holocene climate variability in the Eastern North Atlantic and Portuguese hinterland as recorded by the Tejo Mudbelt. University of Bremen, final stage

Etourneau, J.: Pliocene-Pleistocene variability of upwelling activity, productivity and nutrient cycle in the Benguela Upwelling System and the Eastern Equatorial Pacific.

Mollenhauer, G.: Organic Carbon Accumulation in the South Atlantic Ocean: Sedimentary Processes and Glacial/Interglacial Budgets.

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