Prof. Dr. Nicole von Wurmb-Schwark, Former academic staff

Former academic staff | Institute of Legal Medicine

Prof. Dr. Nicole von Wurmb-Schwark (Germany, 1969)

founding member

PhD project Institute of Legal Medicine, Lübeck, Germany
Post-doc project Institute of Legal Medicine
Research interests Molecular legal medicine

1998 - 1999
Postdoctoral position at the University of California Davis (UCD), California, USA (grant from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).

PhD in Molecular Biology.

1995 - 1997
Work on doctoral thesis at the Institute of Legal Medicine, Lübeck, Germany.

Major in Molecular Biology (BS) (German diploma) University of Bremen, Germany.

1989 - 1994
Study of Biology, University of Bremen, Germany.

Work experience

Since 2003
Junior professor for Molecular Legal Medicine at the Institute of Legal Medicine in Kiel.

2001 - 2003
Lab leading and development of a forensic lab in the Institute of Legal Medicine in Kiel, Germany.

1999 - 2001
Lab leading and development of a forensic lab in the Institute of Legal Medicine in Rostock, Germany.

Selected publications

von Wurmb-Schwark, N., Schwark, T., Caliebe, A., Drenske, C., Nikolaus, S., Schreiber, S., Nebel, A.: Low level of the mtDNA4977 deletion in blood of exceptionally old individuals. Mech Ageing Dev 131: 179-184.

von Wurmb-Schwark, N., Preusse-Prange, A., Heinrich, A., Simeoni, E., Bosch, T., Schwark, T.: A new multiplex-PCR comprising autosomal and y-specific STRs and mitochondrial DNA to analyze highly degraded material. Forensic Sci Int Genet. 2009 Mar. 3/2: 96-103. Epub 2009 Jan 7.

Poetsch, M., El-Mostaqim, D., Tschentscher, F., Browne, E.N., Timmann, C., Horstmann, R.D., von Wurmb-Schwark, N.: Allele frequencies of 11 X-chromosomal loci in a population sample from Ghana. Int J Legal Med. 2009 Jan. 123/1: 81-3. Epub 2008 Jul 8.

Dobberstein, R.C., Huppertz, J., von Wurmb-Schwark, N., Ritz-Timme, S.: Degradation of biomolecules in artificially and naturally aged teeth: implications for age estimation based on aspartic acid racemization and DNA analysis. Forensic Sci Int. 2008 Aug 6. 179 /2-3: 181-91. Epub 2008 Jul 14.

von Wurmb-Schwark, N., Simeoni, E., Poetsch, M., Banaschak, S., Mályusz, V., Schwark, T.: Verification of private paternity analysis at the Institutes of Legal Medicine in Greifswald, Jena, and Kiel. Arch Kriminol. 2008 Nov-Dec; 222/ 5-6: 152-61.

von Wurmb-Schwark, N., Heinrich, A., Freudenberg, M., Gebühr, M., Schwark, T.: The impact of DNA contamination of bone samples in forensic case analysis and anthropological research. Leg Med (Tokyo). 2008 May 10/3: 125-30. Epub 2007 Nov 26.

von Wurmb-Schwark, N., Ringleb, A., Schwark, T., Broese, T., Weirich, S., Schlaefke, D., Wegener, R. Oehmichen, M.: The effect of chronic alcohol consumption on mitochondrial DNA mutagenesis in human blood. Mutat Res. 2008 Jan 1; 637 / 1-2: 73-9. Epub 2007 Jul 21.

Mályusz, V., Schmidt, M., Simeoni, E., Poetsch, M., Schwark, T., Oehmichen, M., von Wurmb-Schwark, N.: Significance of additional RFLP single locus probes analysis after STR based determination of sibship. Arch Kriminol. 2007 Jul-Aug. 220/1-2:25-35.

von Wurmb-Schwark, N., Bosinski, H., Ritz-Timme, S.: What do the X and Y chromosomes tell us about sex and gender in forensic case analysis? J Forensic Leg Med. 2007 Jan. 14/1: 27-30. Epub 2006 Aug 23.

Offele, D., Harbeck, M., Dobberstein, R.C., von Wurmb-Schwark, N., Ritz-Timme, S.: Soft tissue removal by maceration and feeding of Dermestes sp.: impact on morphological and biomolecular analyses of dental tissues in forensic medicine. Int J Legal Med. 2007 Sep. 121/5: 341-8. Epub 2006 Sep 16.


2009 - 2012
Harder, Melanie, PhD: Evolution of the diversity of human appearance.

2008 - 2011
Krause-Kyora, Ben, PhD: Man, landscape and what do the pigs say.

Heinrich, Anke, PhD: Genetic analysis of human cremains from different urn fields in Schleswig-Holstein.

In progress
Twelsiek, Sylja (current), MD: Mitochondrial DNA mutations in neurons with hypoxic damage.

In progress
Fisch-Kohl, Claudia, MD: Real time PCR for forensic and anthropological analysis Drenske, Caroline, MD: 4977 bp deleted mtDNA in blood of elderly humans.

In progress
Schmidt, Maren, MD: Additional RFLP-analysis to elucidate complicated paternity analysis.

Ringleb, Arne, MD: Development of real time PCR to quantify human mitochondrial and nuclear DNA.

Ertmann, Annika, MD: Mitochondrial mutagenesis in blood and hematopoietic tissues.

Jelkmann, Ines, MD: Variety of human mitochondrial DNA in blood from living persons.

Preuss, Michael, MD: Mutations of mitochondrial DNA in the human cerebellum.

Fürst, Simon, MS: Mitochondrial DNA mutations in the human hippocampus, 1.3.