Doctoral research student Saskia Hoffmann, M.A.

Doctoral research student

Saskia Hoffmann (Germany, 1980)

M.A. in Indo-European Linguistics, Greek and Latin Philology, Romance Languages and Literature

PhD project
Pindar´s Sixth Olympian Ode for Hagesias of Syracuse and Stymphalos
The research topic and the new working title of this investigation modify the original theme of the thesis “Lake Stymphalos: The reception of Landscape in Greek and Roman Antiquity”. The research of all texts mentioning “Stymphalos” with the aim of illustrating a reception or perception of Stymphalos over a specific timespan has proven to be unsatisfactory because of the overall scarce and disparate information offered by the text sources. Thus, this research project now focuses on one text out of the collection of all texts referring to Stymphalos, namely Pindar´s Sixth Olympian Ode, an epinikion for the Olympionike Hagesia of Syracuse, whose ancestors came from Stymphalos. In general, the ode is one of the earliest texts where Stymphalos is mentioned and some issues that seem to appear in later texts, e. g. Pausanias, are also included.

In order to poetically realize the main aim of such a victory ode, i.e. the praise of the victor, Pindar also extols the family/ancestors and the home of the victor. This is where Stymphalos plays a role in this poem. Originating from the words of hometown praise, indications which allow assumptions about Stymphalos as a social category and/or a social space can be identified. For example, there are hints pointing to several cults (Hera, Hermes) that are also testified in other texts dealing with Stymphalos, so that these texts were also taken into consideration, provided that they are necessary for the interpretation of the Sixth Olympic Ode of Pindar.

Research interests Greek and Latin Language and Literature, Historical Linguistics of the Indoeuropean Languages

M. A. in Latin Philology

2007 - 2009 Studies of Latin Philology (FSU Jena)

M. A. in Indo-European Linguistics, Romance Languages and Literature (French Linguistics), Greek Philology

2000 – 2007
(FSU Jena)
Indo-European Linguistics (main subject) Romance Languages and Literature (French Linguistics), Greek Philology (since April 2001), Art History (till March 2001)

2002 – 2003
Study trip: Université de Lausanne / Switzerland (DAAD – scholar)

1999 – 2000
Studies of Architecture (Bauhaus -University Weimar)

Work experience

2004 – 2005
Student assistant at the Theological Faculty Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, (assistance in the project „Julius Africanus“) and at the Chair of English Linguistics at the Institute of English Language and Literature, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena (assistance in a typological study on the position of subordinate clauses)

2001 – 2002
Student assistant at the Chair of Indo-European Linguistics Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena (assistance in the projects „Etymologisches Wörterbuch des Althochdeutschen“ (EWA) and „Das Lexikonkonzept der indogermanischen Sprachen“)