Doctoral research student Tim Schroedter, Dipl.-Prähist.

Doctoral research student

Tim Schroedter (Germany, 1978)

Dipl.-Prähist. in Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology, Botany, Soil-Science

PhD project
Tell in the Woods? Woodland-Management and Social Differentiation of Wood Use in SE Europe and Turkey.
In this project, charcoal assemblages from three regions in Turkey, Bosnia, and Herzegovina are used to obtain insight into the use of wood in prehistoric societies. The main focus here is placed on the reconstruction of the used vegetation and the related topic of sustainability. Especially in complex societies settled in the same place over long periods of time, the question of resource management arises. Additionally, the topic of specialization versus social differentiation will be studied here.

In cooperation with archaeologists and geomorphologists, different archives are investigated to compare charcoal assemblages from anthropogenic and natural sediments. Changes through time and the dispersal of taxa within investigated sites and regions permit the investigation of several aspects of wood use. The comparison of archives from different origins provides the opportunity to detect the degree of human selection of single wood types. Spatial analysis can be used to obtain information on specialization or social differentiation in archaeological contexts. A diachronic approach is used to trace the long term influence of human impact on the surrounding vegetation. Additionally, growth ring analyses are carried out to gain information on growth conditions and/or cutting practices.

Research interests Vegetation history, human-environment-interaction, ethnobotany, natural science in archaeology, management of resources by prehistoric societies.

Since April 2010
member of the Graduate School „Human Development in Landscapes“ at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität in Kiel.

Autumn 2009:
Diploma in Pre- and protohistoric archaeology in Kiel

Studies in prehistoric archaeology, botany and soil science at the CAU Kiel

Work experience Civilian service at retirement home in 1997-1998

Student research assistant at several excavations 2002-2007

Student research assistant at the Landesamt für Kultur und Denkmalpflege in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern April –September 2004 and at the botanical department of the institute for pre-and protohistoric archaeology at the CAU Kiel 2004-2008

Student assistant at several palynological coring campaigns

Graduate research assistant at the Working Group for historical geobotany at the Ecology Center of the CAU Kiel
Selected publications submitted
S. Dreibrodt, C. Lubos, J. Lomax, T. Schroedter, O. Nelle, Geoarchaeological investigations at Arslantepe- questions, research strategy, preliminary results, and potentials. Origini, proceedings of the conference Arslantepe Excavations 1961-2011.

in press
T. M. Schroedter, R. Hofmann, N. Müller-Scheeßel, J. Müller, O. Nelle, Late Neolithic vegetation around three sites in the Visoko basin, Bosnia, based on archaeo-anthracology – spatial variation versus selective wood use. Saguntum, Proceedings of the 5th international meeting of charcoal analysis.

T. Schroedter, O. Nelle, Untersuchungen von Holzkohlen aus Okolište. In: J. Müller, K. Rassmann, R. Hofmann (Hg.), Okolište 1, UPA Bd. 228 (2013), S.123-126.

T. M. Schroedter, S. Dreibrodt, R. Hofmann, J. Lomax, J. Müller, O. Nelle, Interdisciplinary interpretation of challenging archives: Charcoal assemblages in Drina Valley alluvial and colluvial sediments (Jagnilo, Bosnia and Herzegovina). Quaternary International, Vol. 28 (2013), S.36-45.