Doctoral research student Jessica Susanne Krause, M.A.

Doctoral research student

Jessica Susanne Krause (Germany, 1986)

M.A. in Classical Archaeology

PhD project Theseus as a Symbol of Athens? The Attic Demos Heros in Representations of Public Art outside Attica
Research interests theoretical studies on the use of mythological themes in ancient Greece, especially in Classical times, variations in the depictional schemes of myths depending on external influences (i.e. the medium of the depiction, cultural influences on depictional schemes and the evolvement of depictional patterns in time), ancient historiography and rhetorics and their links of any kind to ancient art, cultural influences of the Persian Wars on the different poleis in Classical Greece

Since February 2013
Member of the Graduate School “Human Development in Landscapes” at Kiel University.

July 2012
Magister Artium in Classical Archaeology, Thesis: “Lucian, Pausanias, Herodotus and the Centauromachy. Concerning the Interpretation of the West Pediment of the Temple of Zeus in Olympia in its Historical Context”, Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Konrad Hitzl.

October 2005 – July 2012
Kiel University. Studies of Classical Archaeology, Ancient History, and History of Arts.


Since 2014
Member of the DArV (Deutscher Archäologen-Verband)