Doctoral research student Richard Bleckmann (née Wetzel), Dipl.-Prähist.

Doctoral research student

Richard Bleckmann (née Wetzel) (Germany, 1980)

Dipl.-Prähist. in Archaeology

PhD project
The Neolithic transition in the Havelland / Brandenburg. A diachronic analysis of the development of the early Neolithic landscape – continuity or discontinuity.
The current state of research about the Neolithic transition has still a rudimentary character in the country Brandenburg/Germany. The reasons for this situation are complex. Beside sparse findings and features compared to middle/south Germany there is a big lack of natural scientific analysis as well as few and very short publications that does not allow to reconstruct this time period in an adequate way. The prevailing interpretation shows the first large scale Neolithic lifestyle with the beginning Funnel Beaker Culture around 4000 calB.C., which corresponds to an increased number of find spots and the first evidence of corn in pollen data. Compared to this we locate nowadays a numerous number of find places from the Linear Pottery Culture, Stroked Band Culture and Rössener Culture in Brandenburg. Their appearance is interpreted divers, inchoate with a temporal continuity that allows a genesis up to the Funnel Beaker culture, colonization/migration streams with one or more temporal hiatus or a Pseudo Mesolithic that converts into Neolithic by the Funnel Beaker Culture. To answer the question about the Neolithic transition in Brandenburg the region Havelland was chosen. A diachronic analysis of the archaeological features and find material on a micro and macro scale combined with natural science methods like radiocarbon dating should help to analyse and understand the process of the Neolithic transition. In addition old and new data from pedology, geology, zoology and botany will help to gain the interaction between landscape and archaeological data. As the final result it should be possible to explain the Neolithic transition and the interacting changing landscape in the Havelland / Brandenburg.
Research interests Mesolithic, Early Neolithic, Neolithic transition, Bronze Age, Roman Time period, fieldwork methods, geophysical survey

Since February 2013
Member of the Graduate School “Human Development in Landscapes” at Kiel University.

October 2012
Diploma thesis: Der früh- bis mittelneolithische Gruben-komplex von Nauen 26. Ein trichterbecher-zeitliches Siedlungsareal. The early- to middleneolithic pit complex from Nauen 26. A settlement area from the Funnel Beaker time period.

October 2005 – Oktober 2012
Kiel University, Studies in Pre- and protohistory, minor subjects pedology, computer science and geology

October 2002 – Oktober 2005
TU Dresden, Studies computer science for media

Work experience

08/2011 and 08/2012
Director of a geomagnetic survey at Jüterbog/Brandenburg recording linear pottery settlements in size and structure.

09-10/2010, 03-04/2012
Technical leader of a geomagnetic survey of roman vici at the obergermanisch-rätischen Limes.

09/2006, 09/2007, 09/2008
Excavation specialist for measurement and digital documentation at the research excavation project Okolište / Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Survey project Okolište / Bosnia and Herzegovina, Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte / Kiel University.

Participation at the International Course on ArchaeoGeophysics (INCA) 2008.

03/2006 - 09/2010
Research assistant Project Okolište, Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte / Kiel University.

02/2007 - 03/2007
Survey leader at open cast mining Jänschwalde/department Braunkohle at Brandenburgischen Landesamt für Denkmalpflege und Archäologischen Landesmuseum (BLDAM).

02/2001 - 09/2001, 09/2002, 09/2003, 09/2004 - 10/2004, 03/2006
Excavation worker/draftsman/trench leader at open cast mining Jänschwalde/department Braunkohle at BLDAM.

Excavation of a late Bronze Age ditch system with unkown function near Uckro/ Brandenburg.

01/2000 - 01/2001
Civil service with different roles, like excavation worker, draftsman, trench leader at open cast mining Jänschwalde/department Braunkohle at BLDAM.

07/1998 - 08/1998
Excavation worker at BLDAM abandoned village.