Doctoral research student Marco Zanon, M.A.

Doctoral research student

Marco Zanon (Italy, 1985)

M.A. in Archaeology

PhD project
Facing adverse climate and land overexploitation. Unfolding mass population displacements in the Garda Lake area during the Bronze Age.
This project focuses on the effects of climate and land use on settlement strategies during the Bronze Age in the Garda Lake area (Northern Italy). Local sedimentary archives will be studied by means of archaeobotanical, geochemical and sedimentological methods (e.g. palynology, plant macro-remains analysis, X-ray fluorescence) in order to provide high resolution records of both palaeoenvironmental history and anthropic impact in the study area. Colonization of new areas and dwellings relocation phases indentified in the archaeological record will be analyzed in the light of the newly gathered data in order to understand the role played by climate and/or land (over)exploitation in triggering mass population movements.
Research interests Reconstruction of paleovegetation and paleoclimate based on a multi-proxy approach, early anthropic impact on landscape, effects of climate on settlement strategies, European archaeology.

Since March 2013
Member of the Graduate School “Human Development in Landscapes”, Kiel University.

August 2012
Participation in the Federsee Workshop: “An Introduction to Archaeological and Natural Resource Management in Wetland Environments”, Bad Buchau, Germany.

May 2010
Master’s Degree in Archaeology. Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy.

December 2007
Bachelor's Degree in Cultural Heritage Sciences. Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy.

Work experience

2011 - 2012
Research assistant at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland (Atmosphere, Regolith, Vegetation Group)

Since 2007
External collaborator at C.N.R. – Istituto per la Dinamica dei Processi Ambientali, Bergamo, Italy (Laboratory of Palynology and Palaeoecology)

Selected publications

Ravazzi C., Marchetti M., Zanon M., Perego R., Quirino T., Deaddis M., De Amicis M., Margaritora D. Lake evolution and landscape history in the lower Mincio River valley, unraveling drainage changes in the central Po Plain (N-Italy) since the Bronze Age. Quaternary International (in press), doi 10.1016/j.quaint.2011.11.031

Perego R., Badino F., Deaddis M., Ravazzi C., Valle' F., Zanon M. L'origine del paesaggio agro-pastorale in nord Italia: espansione di Orlaya grandiflora (L.) Hoffm. nella civiltà palafitticola dell'età del Bronzo della regione del Garda. Notizie Archeologiche Bergomensi, 19: 161-173.