Doctoral research student Sandra  Kiesow, M.Sc.

Doctoral research student

Sandra Kiesow (Germany, 1982)

M.Sc. in Agronomy

PhD project
Cultivated mountain slopes in the north of Madeira Island, Portugal.
A geomorphological, paleoecological and historical analysis of agricultural dynamics and their consequences since the early 15th century
Research interests Agricultural and environmental history, geomorphology, geobotany, vegetation dynamics, paleoenvironment, influence between environmental conditions and local cultural habits, human impact to landscapes

Since February 2013
Member of the Graduate School “Human Development in Landscapes” at Kiel University

September 2011
Master thesis on cocoa production on the island of São Tomé

September 2009 – September 2011
Master student at Kiel University, faculty of agronomy

September 2009
Thesis on hydrology and water use on the island of Madeira

October 2003 – September 2009
Student at Kiel University, faculty of agronomy

September 2002 – September 2003
Professional course in ecotourism in Portugal at Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo da Madeira, Funchal (Tourism school in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal)

Work experience

Summer 2012
Research assistant at the Institute of Ecosystem Research

February 2011 – March 2011
Student researcher in a field campaign for Agricultural/Environmental History in São Tomé, Africa

February – March 2004 - 2010
Tourism/ botany guide in Parque Natural da Madeira

June – August 2004 – 2006
Internship on a farm with crop cultivation and animal husbandry in Northern Germany

June 2002 – September 2003
Tourism guide for Ecological Hikes in Autonomous Region of Madeira