Doctoral research student Milinda Hoo, M.A.

Doctoral research student

Milinda Hoo (The Netherlands, 1990)

M.A. in Ancient History

PhD project Eurasian Localisms. Transregional culture and local appropriation in the ideoscape of Central Asia, 4th century BCE - 1st century CE
Research interests Bactria, Central Asia, Hellenistic period, cultural interaction, cross-cultural relations, globalisation, world history, network theory, social life of things, materiality, identity construction, Hellenism/Hellenisation debate, postcolonialism, Orientalism, transculturalism.

Since November 2014
Member of the Graduate School "Human Development in Landscapes" at Kiel University.

April 2014
Master of Arts degree (cum laude) in Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance studies at Utrecht University (the Netherlands) with a research track in Ancient History. Thesis on the development of a transregional artistic style in Bactria (south Central Asia), 4th century BCE – 1st century CE. Supervisors: Dr. Rolf Strootman (Utrecht University) and Dr. Miguel John Versluys (Leiden University).

September 2008 - February 2012
Bachelor of Arts degree (cum laude) in Language and Culture studies at Utrecht University (the Netherlands) with a major in Ancient Culture. Thesis on ethnic structures in the Histories of Herodotus. Supervisor: Dr. Floris van den Eijnde (Utrecht University).

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