Gustav Wollentz, Alumni


Gustav Wollentz (Sweden, 1988)

M.A. in Archaeology

PhD project
The Wounded Landscape.
I will study the ways in which wounded landscapes, i.e. areas that have been radically transformed in peoples' conception by terrible incidents, transform the meaning of a place and alter the activities which take place in them. My focus will be the cultural heritage, the tangible as well as the intangible, that is created within a wounded landscape, for example in forms of commemorative monuments or ceremonies. I will examine the affects this kind of heritage has upon the people living within the region and the reasons that have motivated the construction of it. I aim to study how local, national and international groups, institutions and organizations etc., are using wounded landscapes for various motivations, through the cultural heritage.
Research interests Dissonant Heritage, Cultural Heritage Management, Conflict Resolution, Monuments and memorials, Memory Studies, Scandinavian Bronze Age, Death and Burial, Anthropology.

2012 - 2014
Master Degree in Archaeology at Linnaeus University.

2009 - 2012
Bachelor Degree in Archaeology at Linnaeus University.

Work experience

Organized the workshop “Memories of Violence and Oppression: Developing new uses of difficult heritage sites and landscapes” together with Bodil Petersson (LNU) and Carolina Jonsson Malm (KLM) at Linnaeus University, 16-17th May 2017.

Organized the session 'Tonight will be a memory too' - Memory and landscapes” at the Kiel International Open Workshop, together with Christian Horn and Annette Haug. 20-24th March 2017.

Organized the workshop “Acting the Landscape” with Gianpiero Di Maida, at Kiel University. 22-23rd September 2015.

January - June 2012
One semester of internship at the Linnaeus University, spring 2012. During this semester I carried out research for the project “100 000 years back and forth, Archaeology meets radioactive waste” as well as writing articles based on my own research.

Selected publications

Högberg, A., Holtorf, C., May, S., Wollentz, G. 2018. No Future in Archaeological Heritage Management? In: World Archaeology. 2018.

Wollentz, G. 2018. Review of: "Excavating Memory: Sites of Remembering and Forgetting" In: European Journal of Archaeology 21(1). Pp. 125-129.

Wollentz, G. 2017. Prehistoric Violence as Difficult Heritage: Sandby Borg – A Place of Avoidance and Belonging. Current Swedish Archaeology 25. pp. 199-226.

Gustav Wollentz (2017): Making a home in Mostar: heritage and the temporalities of belonging, International Journal of Heritage Studies

Gustav Wollentz (2016) War and Cultural Heritage — Biographies of Place, Heritage & Society, 9:1, 106-109, DOI: 10.1080/2159032X.2016.1246159

Ludvig Papmehl-Dufay & Gustav Wollentz. 2016. Risinge Hög - Delundersöknings av en storhög på Öland. In: Forntid Längs Ostkusten 4: Blankaholmsseminariet år 2012-2014. Pp. 111-139.

Wollentz, Gustav. 2016. Framtidens längd och framtidsbilder inom kulturarvssektorn. In: Forntid Längs Ostkusten 4: Blankaholmsseminariet år 2012-2014. Pp. 277-285.

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  • Nordic TAG 2014, Nordic Theoretical Archaeology Group, Stockholm, 23/04 2014 “Multiple meanings in material chaos and fragmented memories”

  • Blankaholm seminar 2014, Blankaholm, 22-23 February 2014 ”De stenbundna skeppen i trädens skugga”

  • Linnaeus University, Open day at the university, October 2013 Presentation about an excavation in Wales.

  • Blankaholm seminar 2013, Blankaholm, 23/02 2013 ”Framtidsbilder inom Kulturarvssektorn” (Future perspectives within the Cultural Heritage sector)

  • Bronze Age Seminar in Gothenburg, 15/19 2012 ”To be Buried Inside a Long-forgotten World”

  • European Association of Archaeologists 2012, Helsinki, Finland, 01/09 2012 ”Studying the Re-use of Passage Graves Wearing Bronze Age Glasses”