Doctoral research student Nicole Grunert, M.A.

Doctoral research student

Nicole Grunert (Germany, 1983)

M.A. in Near Eastern Archaeology

PhD project Space Syntax and the Household- Changes in Social Complexity.
Research interests Space Syntax, Near Eastern Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, Settlement and Landscape Archaeology.

Since November 2014
Member of the graduate school "Human Development in Landscapes" at Kiel University.

Since April 2014
PhD student at Kiel University in Pre- and Protohistoric archaeology.

January 2013
Magistra degree Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (Germany) with a thesis on Space Syntax Analysis on the so called ubaidian “Mittelsaalhaus” of northern Mesopotamia.

April 2005 - January 2013
Study of Near Eastern Archaeology, Pre and Protohistoric Archaeology and Egyptology at the University of Münster (Germany).

Work experience

August - September 2014
Excavations at Maidanets´ke (Ukraine)

Research apprentice at the University of Cape Town, participant of their excavation and Survey projects:

  • April/May 2013
    Palaeolithic excavation at Mertenhof/ Cederberg Region, South Africa

  • May - July 2013
    Palaeolithic excavation at Pinnacle Point/ Mosselbay, South Africa

  • July 2013
    Landscape archaeological Survey to identify material sources at Mertenhof/Cederberg Region, South Africa

  • September/October 2013
    Palaeolithic excavations at Mertenhof/ Cederberg Region, South Africa

October 2012 - February 2013
Technician at ABS Köln, medieval excavations at the Mercator- Quarter Duisburg (Duisburg)

August 2012
Participant at a Neolithic excavation of the University of Manchester in Hereford (Herefordshire/England)

March - October 2012
Excavation assistant, medieval excavations in Bissendorf (Kr. Osnabrück)

January 2012
Participant, medieval excavations in Münster cathedral in Münster (Westf.)

August 2011
Excavation and Landscape Survey of the University of Hamburg in Jistebsko/Czech Republic

March - December 2011
Excavation Assistant, medieval excavations in Ankum (Kr. Osnabrück)

August/September 2010
Participant at the excavations of the DAI in Hattusa/ Turkey

March - December 2010
Excavation Assistant, medieval excavation in Ankum (Kr. Osnabrück)

August/September 2009
Survey of the lower town, University of Münster in Hattusa/ Turkey

August/September 2008
Survey of the lower town, University of Münster together with the DAI in Hattusa/Turkey

Selected publications

In Press
Die Ausgrabungen zu Ankum – Eine kurze Zusammenfassung in Heimathefte Dorf- und Kirchspiel Osnabrück

Endbericht über die archäologischen Ausgrabungen an der Kirchenburg zu Ankum

Bericht über die archäologischen Ausgrabungen auf dem alten Gut Bissendorf 2012

Zweiter Vorbericht über die archäologischen Ausgrabungen an der Kirchenburg zu Ankum, Ldkr. Osnabrück, 2010, In: Nachrichten aus Niedersachsens Urgeschichte 81, pp. 187-214