Associated postdoctoral fellow Ingo Feeser, M.Sc.

Associated postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Ingo Feeser Germany, 1974

M.Sc. in Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology, Biology

PhD project Palaeoecological investigations towards reconstruction of Holocene environmental change in the Burren, Co. Clare, with particular reference to Mullach Mór and selected Burren uplands
Research interests Human-environment interaction, environmental archaeology, land-use history, palynology, non-pollen-palynomorphs

PhD thesis "Palaeoecological investigations towards reconstruction of Holocene environmental change in the Burren, Co. Clare, with particular reference to Mullach Mór and selected Burren uplands"

PhD studies at the National University of Ireland Galway

MSc/Diplom in Pre- and Protohistory. Thesis: "Folgen von Landnutzung für die Landschafts- und Kulturentwicklung auf der Osterinsel (Chile)"

MSc/Diploma in Biology, thesis "Untersuchungen zum Grünland der Osterinsel (Chile)"

Undergraduate studies of Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology at Kiel University

Undergraduate studies of Biology at Kiel University

Work experience

Since 2009
Post-doctoral research fellow at the Institute of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology at Kiel University

Research grant (PhD), National University of Ireland Galway

Researcher at the Department of Geobotany, Ecology Centre, Kiel University

Selected publications

FEESER, I., DÖRFLER, W., CZYMZIK, M. & DREIBRODT, S. A mid-Holocene annually laminated sediment sequence from Lake Woserin: the role of climate and environmental change for cultural development during the Neolithic in Northern Germany. Holocene, submitted.

CZYMZIK, M., DREIBRODT, S., FEESER, I. & BRAUER, A. accepted. Calcite layers in varved sediments of Lake Woserin (north-eastern Germany) reveal humid phases during the Mid-Holocene. Holocene, accepted.

In print
FEESER, I. & DÖRFLER, W. The early Neolithic in pollen diagrams from eastern Schleswig-Holstein and Western Mecklenburg – evidence for a 1000 year cultural adaptive cycle? In: KABACIŃSKI, J., HARTZ, S., RAEMAKKERS, D. & TERBERGER, T. (eds.) The Dąbki site in Pomerania and the neolithisation of the North-European lowlands (c. 5000–3000 calBC) (Rahden/Westf. in print).

HOLMES, J. A., TINDALL, J., ROBERTS, N., MARSHALL, W., MARSHALL, J. D., BINGHAM, A., FEESER, I., O'CONNELL, M., ATKINSON, T., JOURDAN, A.-L., MARCH, A. & FISHER, E. H. Lake isotope records of the 8200-year cooling event in western Ireland: Comparison with model simulations. Quaternary Science Reviews, in press.

FEESER, I., DÖRFLER, W. & WEINELT. Die Erde dem Menschen Untertan? - Klima und Umwelt. In: DÖRFLER, W., KIRLEIS, W. & MÜLLER, J. (eds.) MEGALITHsite CAU. Ein Großsteingrab zum Anfassen (Kiel 2015).

KLOOß, S., FEESER, I. & KIRLEIS, W. 2015. Getreide, Milch und Rinder - Wirtschaft und Ernährung. In: DÖRFLER, W., KIRLEIS, W. & MÜLLER, J. (eds.) MEGALITHsite CAU. Ein Großsteingrab zum Anfassen (Kiel 2015).

BROZIO, J. P., DÖRFLER, W., FEESER, I., KIRLEIS, W., KLOOß, S. & MÜLLER, J. A Middle Neolithic well from Northern Germany: a precise source to reconstruct water supply management, subsistence economy, and deposition practices. Journal of Archaeological Science, 51, 2014, 135-153.

FEESER, I. & FURHOLT, M. Ritual and economic activity during the Neolithic in Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany: an approach to combine archaeological and palynological evidence. Journal of Archaeological Science, 51, 2014, 126-134.

FEESER, I. & DÖRFLER, W. The glade effect: Vegetation openness and structure and their influences on arboreal pollen production and the reconstruction of anthropogenic forest opening. Anthropocene, 8, 2014, 92-100.

MÜLLER, J., BORK, H. R., BROZIO, J. P., DEMNICK, D., DIERS, S., DIBBERN, H., DÖRFLER, W., FEESER, I., FRITSCH, B., FURHOLT, M., HAGE, F., HINZ, M., KIRLEIS, W., KLOOß, S., KROLL, H., LINDEMANN, M., LORENZ, L., MISCHKA, D. & RINNE, C. 2013. Landscapes as social spaces and ritual meaning: some new results on TRB in northern Germany. In: BAKKER, J. A., BLOO, S. B. C. & DÜTTING, M. K. (eds.) From funeral monuments to houshold pottery. Current advances in Funnel Beaker Culture (TRB/TBK) research. Proceedings of the Borger Meetings 2009, The Netherlands. BAR International Series (Oxford 2013).

NIELSEN, A. B., GIESECKE, T., THEUERKAUF, M., FEESER, I., BEHRE, K.-E., BEUG, H.-J., CHEN, S.-H., CHRISTIANSEN, J., DÖRFLER, W., ENDTMANN, E., JAHNS, S., DE KLERK, P., KÜHL, N., LATAŁOWA, M., ODGAARD, B. V., RASMUSSEN, P., STOCKHOLM, J. R., VOIGT, R., WIETHOLD, J. & WOLTERS, S. Quantitative reconstructions of changes in regional openness in north-central Europe reveal new insights into old questions. Quaternary Science Reviews, 47, 2012, 131-149.

HINZ, M., FEESER, I., SJÖGREN, K.-G. & MÜLLER, J. Demography and the intensity of cultural activities: an evaluation of Funnel Beaker Societies (4200–2800 cal BC). Journal of Archaeological Science, 39, 2012, 3331-3340.

FEESER, I., DÖRFLER, W., AVERDIECK, F.-R. & WIETHOLD, J. New insight into regional and local land-use and vegetation patterns in eastern Schleswig-Holstein during the Neolithic. In: HINZ, M. & MÜLLER, J. (eds.) Siedlung, Grabenwerk, Großsteingrab. Studien zu Gesellschaft, Wirtschaft und Umwelt der Trichterbechergruppen im nördlichen Mitteleuropa. Frühe Monumentalität und Soziale Differenzierung 2. (Bonn 2012).

DÖRFLER, W., FEESER, I., VAN DEN BOGAARD, C., DREIBRODT, S., ERLENKEUSER, H., KLEINMANN, A., MERKT, J. & WIETHOLD, J. A high-quality annually laminated sequence from Lake Belau, Northern Germany: Revised chronology and its implications for palynological and tephrochronological studies. The Holocene, 22, 2012, 1413-1426.

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