Doctoral research student Robert Staniuk, M.A.

Doctoral research student

Robert Staniuk (1991, Poland)

M.A. in Prehistoric and Medieval Archaeology and Archaeological Heritage

PhD project
Tradition and Practice – Study on Pottery, Chronology and Social Dynamics of the Hungarian Bronze Age
The Vatya culture, ever since its definition, has served as a basis for understanding cultural relations in the Hungarian Middle Bronze Age. The initial periodization scheme, established upon funerary materials, served as a basis for the identification and spatial differentiation of societies in the Carpathian Basin. However, it has become apparent that such a system is no longer valid, especially in terms of settlement finds. The basis for the Ph.D. dissertation will be the ceramic material recovered during the ongoing archaeological project in the Kakucs microregion, Central Hungary. As such the project aims at verifying the existing state of research by focusing on a multi-tiered analysis of pottery finds in relation to housing space. With the evaluation of the dynamics in the archaeological material it will become possible to investigate the changes since the Early Bronze Age up to the end of the Middle Bronze Age.
Research interests Material culture and its social meaning; Central Europe in the Bronze Age; Pottery analysis; Bronze metallurgy

Master Degree in Archaeology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan.

Bachelor Degree in Archaeology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan.

Work experience

August 2012 – November 2015
"Bukivna. Elitarna nekropola kultury komarowskiej nad Dniestrem" – National Science Center Poland grant, project no. 2011/03/B/HS3/00839

September 2012 – November 2015
"Katalog cmentarzysk kurhanowych kultury komarowskiej w dorzeczu górnego Dniestru (dawne województwo stanislawowskie)" – National Programme for the Development of Humanities grant, project no. 12H 12 001981.

April 2014 – September 2014
"Osada metalurgów kultury mogilowej w Szczepidle nad srodkowa Warta" – National Science Center Poland grant, project no. N N109 054039.

Participation in various excavations in Poland, Ukraine and Hungary.

Selected publications

"Lines, groups or landscapes? Arrangements of prehistoric barrows in the upper Dniester Basin" A presentation delivered at the International Open Workshop Socio-Environmental Dynamics over the Last 12,000 Years: The Creation of Landscapes IV, Kiel – in press.

"Alternate state of consciousness of a hoard? Perspectives on the bronze deposit from Radzim in the light of archival studies and scientific works" 5th International Interdisciplinary Session of Archaeology Students of IP UAM "Altered States of Consciousness", Puszczykowo – in press