Svetlana Khamnueva, Alumni


Svetlana Khamnueva (Russia, 1987)

Diploma in Soil Science

PhD project
Landscape development and soil transformation in the former Viking settlement Hedeby
Former settlements represent outstanding archives of human-landscape interactions. Hedeby was one of the major international trading centres in northern Europe and southern Scandinavia in the Viking Age (9th - 11th cent. AD). Archaeological investigations have a more than 100-year-long history in Hedeby; however, there has been a gap in the knowledge about local landscape transformation under the influence of settlement activities. In the framework of the project "Soil and landscape transformation in the former Viking settlement Hedeby" several hundred drillings were performed inside and outside the half-circle wall of Hedeby. During this research, a large buried structure was discovered in the central part of the former town at the Hedeby-brook. Geomorphologic observations, radiocarbon datings and geochemical properties of the sediments filling the structure point at anthropogenic origin of the structure in the Viking Age during the settlement period. The interdisciplinary approach including methods of geochemical, physical and micromorphological analysis allowed developing different hypothesis regarding the formation of the structure and its use during the settlement period. Additionally, a new approach for classification of cultural layers and other habitation deposits based on objective criteria was developed, which can be applied at other sites, particularly in the conditions of limited excavation possibilities.
Research interests Geoarchaeology, palaeopedology, micromorphology; human-environment interactions, landscape transformation in former settlements, site formation processes, land use history, soil memory

October 2009 – April 2012
Master programme Environmental Management at Kiel University, Germany (degree obtained Master of Science)

September 2004 – June 2009
Study of Soil Science in Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia (degree obtained: diploma)

Work experience

since June 2015
Research associate in the Institute for Ecosystem research of Kiel University

September 2014 – May 2015
student assistant in the Institute for ecosystem research of Kiel University

April – June 2012
student assistant in the graduate school „Human development in landscapes“

January – March 2012
student assistant in the project „Megalithic landscape Südostrügen“ of the German Archaeological Institute

Selected publications

Khamnueva S., Mieth A., Dreibrodt S., Bork H.-R. (submitted) Interpretation of prehistoric reddish pit fillings on Easter Island: a micromorphological perspective. Spanish Journal of Soil Science.

Lubos C.C., Dreibrodt S., Robin V., Nelle O., Khamnueva S.V., Richling I., Bultmann U., Bork H.-R. (2013) Settlement and environmental history of a multilayered settlement mound in Niederröblingen (Germany) - a multi-proxy approach. Journal of Archaeological Science 40, 79-98.

Mitusov A.V., Dreibrodt S., Khamnueva S. V., Bork H.-R. (2013). Detection of land surface memory by correlations between colluvial deposits and morphometric variables. Geomorphology 191, 109-117.

Dreibrodt S., Jarecki H., Lubos C.C.M., Khamnueva S.V., Klamm M., Bork H.-R. (2013) Holocene soil formation and soil erosion at a slope beneath the Neolithic Earthwork Salzmünde (Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany). Catena 107, 1-14.


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