Associated doctoral student María Carolina Avila Testa, Diploma

Associated doctoral student

María Carolina Avila Testa (Argentina, 1979)

Diploma in Social Work

PhD project
Health care and therapeutic complementarity strategies among Peruvian inmigrants living in Buenos Aires
The present Project proposes to investigate the contents of cultural conscience about the health-disease processes experienced by Peruvian migrants settled in the Metropolitan Area. The selected population develops different strategies based on the cultural meanings that they make to the health care, they are constructed socially and culturally in certain circumstances and from these they develop different responses to the ailments. It starts from the idea that the population attends to its health from the overlap between biomedicine, traditional medicines, self-treatments, religious medicines and alternative medicines, categories that have been widely supported by Idoyaga Molina (2005 and 2007) . It is worth clarifying that we speak of self-treatment because each type of medicine generates its forms of self-care (Idoyaga Molina 2003). On the other hand, Advance (1980) had already noticed that the forms of self-care respond to paradigms of different medicines, proposing to distinguish two categories of self-care: popular medicine that responds to the paradigm of biomedicine and medicines That respond to the paradigms of other medicines. Analyzing these phenomena will allow us to know the meanings that subjects give to their illnesses, the explanations about them, the healing processes and the "overlaps" of medicines that they perform for that purpose, in a particular historical and social context. In recent years, Argentina has received a large number of immigrants, from neighboring countries (mostly from Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay).Fact that shows for itself the relevance of studies on this subject, which has not yet been specifically addressed. That is why, our work covers a cognitive deficiency, which also has an impact on health and social policies.
Research interests Medical Anthropology. Beliefs and religion. Systems of health. Social policies of childhood. Childhood, adolescence and family

2012 - 2017
Doctoral Fellow National University of the Arts (UNA). Workplace: Argentine Center of American Ethnology (CAEA) Research Unit of CONICET.

2012 - 2016
PhD in Culture and Society of the National University of Arts, Buenos Aires (UNA) (Thesis in elaboration)

Licenciatura in Social Work: Faculty of Social Sciences. University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

Work experience

Teacher-researcher category 5 National University of the Arts.Buenos Aires

2013 - 2014
Member of the research team of accredited Projects National Art Institute. Category A.: "Art, health and cultural industries. An approach to the study of its cultural, social and economic in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires". Code 34-0203. "The health care and therapeutic strategies in intercultural contexts complementarity of Argentina. The articulation of cultural, social, economic and political". Code 340204.

Field work in Spain and Germany (Hamburg, Berlin, Munich) for ongoing doctoral thesis. Survey of thermal baths, with German translators; interview Capuchin priest and professor specializing in Araucanía. Visit the American Institute in Berlin.

2010 - 2012
Member of the Research Team. Chair Research Methodology II and IV. Career Social Work Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires (UBA) . Chair Holder: Mag Jorge Paola.

2010 - 2012
New Law, New Policies? Public Child? From the paradigm of "comprehensive protection". Directed by Jorge Pedro Paola Mag. Institutional Recognition Program FSOC -UBA. Resolution 10-155.

2009 - 2014
Member of Project: Strategies in health care among Peruvian migrants residing in metropolitan Buenos Aires, Argentina. This research is part of the activities of the projects in operation: "The health care and therapeutic strategies in intercultural contexts complementarity of Argentina. The articulation of social cultural factors, economic and political". 1/087/07 Code , IUNA and FONCYT Agency , PICT 596, " complementary therapeutic strategies and articulation of cultural, socioeconomic and ethnic in the metropolitan area ," which make up the ATF Research Program IUNA / CAEA -CONICET , " the selection and combination of medicines in Argentina . The articulation of cultural, ethnic, social, economic and political " Led by Dr. Anatilde Idoyaga Molina.

2008 - 2009
Project: New Law, New Policies? Public Child? Practices and representations from the paradigm of "comprehensive protection". Institutional Recognition Program. Research Project based in the School of Social Work R 08-106 Directed by Mag. Carlos Eroles (Resolution No. 3407) Member of the Research Team. Faculty of Social Sciences, UBA. City of Buenos Aires.

2007 - 2016
National Office for Children Youth and Family - SENAF - Ministry of Social Development - MDS-(National).Buenos Aires.

2003 - 2007
National Office for Children Youth and Family - SENAF - Ministry of Social Development - MDS. Garrigós Headquarters.

Selected publications

Carolina Avila Testa, Anatilde Idoyaga Molina: Estrategias terapéuticas y etiologías de la enfermedad en la atención de la salud entre inmigrantes peruanos. Revista Peruana de Antropología, Centro de Estudios Luis E. Valcarcel. Perú, June 2017.In press

Carolina Avila Testa, Anatilde Idoyaga Molina: 115` AAA's Annual Meeting Evidence Accident Discovery. The Selection of Medicines and Health Attendance Among Peruvian Immigrants Settled in Buenos Aires City. American Anthropological Association 16 al 20 de Noviembre de 2016. Minneapolis Estados Unidos.

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Memberships American Anthropologial Association (AAA). International Society for Ethnology and Folklore (SIEF)