Associated postdoctoral fellow Daniel Knitter, Dr. rer. nat.

Associated postdoctoral fellow

Daniel Knitter (Germany, 1984)

Dr. rer. nat. in Geography

Post-doc project Integrative Modeling of Socio-Environmental Dynamics
Research interests Critical Physical Geography, Landscape Archaeology, Human-Environmental Interactions

M.Sc. in Geography (FU Berlin)

B.Sc. in Geography (FU Berlin)

Work experience


PostDoc at EXC 264 Topoi, Berlin

Selected publications

Haburaj, V., Berking, J., Beresford-Jones, D., Knitter, D., Zeki, L., Sturt, F., Pullen, A., Huaman, O., Lane, K., French, C., 2017. Geo-statistical methods to analyse changes in pre-Hispanic settlement patterns in the Río Ica catchment, Peru. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 12, 272–287.

Knitter, D., Bebermeier, W., Nakoinz, O., 2017. Bridging the Gap–Integrated Approaches in Landscape Archaeology. Editorial. eTopoi. Journal for Ancient Studies Special Volume 4, 1–8.

Nakoinz, O., Knitter, D., 2016. Modelling Human Behaviour in Landscapes. Springer International Publishing, Switzerland.

Popa, C.N., Knitter, D., 2015. From Environment to Landscape. Reconstructing Environment Perception Using Numerical Data. J Archaeol Method Theory 1–22.

Borrelli, P., Domdey, C., Hoelzmann, P., Knitter, D., Panagos, P., Schütt, B., 2014. Geoarchaeological and historical implications of late Holocene landscape development in the Carseolani Mountains, central Apennines, Italy. Geomorphology 216, 26–39.

Knitter, D., Nakoinz, O., Del Fabbro, R., Kohlmeyer, K., Meyer, M., Schütt, B., 2014. The Centrality of Aleppo and its environs. eTopoi. Journal for Ancient Studies 3, 107–127.

Borrelli, P., Hoelzmann, P., Knitter, D., Schütt, B., 2013. Late Quaternary soil erosion and landscape development in the Apennine region (Central Italy). Quaternary International 96–108.

Knitter, D., Blum, H., Horejs, B., Nakoinz, O., Schütt, B., Meyer, M., 2013. Integrated centrality analysis: A diachronic comparison of selected Western Anatolian locations. Quaternary International 312, 45–56.


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