Associated doctoral student Christian Beck, M.A.

Associated doctoral student

Christian Beck (Germany, 1990)

M.A. in Classical Archaeology and History

PhD project
Insula IX, 5 at Pompeii as a context of decorative systems
The aim of my dissertation project is to analyse the decorative structures of the different houses of Insula IX 5 in Pompeii. As most of the decorative elements belonging to the fourth Pompeian wall painting style the project emphasis on the last period of Pompeii prior to its destruction 79 AD. The chronology and architecture provide a framework in which the aesthetical and semantical interplay between different decorative elements and the way it is perceived in build space can be examined. Beside the effect created by decor, it is important to analyse the strategies executed by the owners to redecorate the houses. In conclusion, the decorative structures of the Insula will be related to gain further information about the decorative structures in general. Differing from recent studies the project examines the smaller houses of Insula IX 5. One part of the Analysis is therefore focused on the question in which way the limited space influenced the choice of Décor. Since the smaller houses were often only remotely preserved it is necessary to analyse the archaeological remains again. Since the excavation of the Insula has taken place in 1879 it is necessary to reconstruct destroyed wall paintings and pavements through photography’s, drawings and excavation reports of the time.
Research interests Decorative systems, Roman art, Roman architecture, Roman archaeology, urbanism.

since January 2017
Doctoral research student at the University of Kiel

December 2016
Master degree University of Kiel. Thesis about the decorative principles of the casa dei Pigmei.

10/2010 – 12/2016
Studies of Classical Archaeology and History at the University of Kiel and Rome

Work experience

October 2014
Excavation of the “Progetto Ostia Marina "of the University of Bologna

August - September 2014
Excavation of the Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte zu Kiel in Maidanetske (Ukraine)