PD Dr. rer. nat. hab Stefan Dreibrodt, Academic staff

Academic staff | Institute for Ecosystem Research

PD Dr. rer. nat. hab Stefan Dreibrodt (Germany, 1970)

PhD Kiel University
Research area Paleoclimate, paleoecology, geoarchaeology
Scientific Education

Habilitation thesis: Holocene sediment records from Germany as indicators of landscape evolution under shifting human impact- an evaluation of the archives, processes, scales, and research perspectives

PhD thesis about Soils, Colluvia and Lake Sediments at the University Kiel (Prof. Bork)

Diploma in Geography, Geology and Geoinformatics

Diploma thesis about annually laminated lake sediments at the GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam (Prof. Negendank)

Scientific experience

since 2005
Postdoctoral research fellow at Ecology-Centre, Kiel University

Scholarship holder of the German Foundation for Environment (DBU), work at Ecology-Centre, Kiel University

Scientific associate at the Institute of Soil Science at University Halle-Wittenberg

Selected publications

Dreibrodt, S., Furholt, M, Hofmann, R., Hinz, M., Cheben, I., P-ed-XRF-geochemical signatures of a 7,300 year old Linear Band Pottery House ditch fill at Vráble-Ve’lké Lehemby, Slovakia - House inhabitation and post-depositional processes, Quaternary International 438, 131-143. DOI:10.1016/j.quaint.2017.03.054

Lubos, C., Dreibrodt, S., Bahr, A., Analysing spatio-temporal patterns of archaeological soils and sediments by comparing pXRF and different ICP-OES extraction methods. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 9, 44-53.

Feeser, I., Dörfler, W., Czymzik, M., Dreibrodt, S., A mid-Holocene annually laminated sediment sequence from Lake Woserin: the role of climate and environmental change for cultural development during the Neolithic in Northern Germany. The Holocene 26 (6), 947-963.

Czymzik, M., Dreibrodt, S., Feeser, I., Brauer, A., Mid-Holocene humid periods reconstructed from calcite varves of the Lake Woserin sediment record (north-eastern Germany). The Holocene 26 (6), 935-946.

Dreibrodt, S., Wiethold, J., Lake Belau and its catchment (northern Germany): A key archive of environmental history in northern central Europe since the onset of agriculture. The Holocene 25 (2), 296-322.

Dreibrodt, S., Lubos, C., Lomax, J., Sipos, G., Schroedter, T., Nelle, O., Holocene landscape dynamics at the tell Arslantepe, Malatya, Turkey – Soil erosion, buried soils and settlement layers, slope and river activity in a middle Euphrates catchment. The Holocene 24 (10), 1351-1368.

Lubos, C.C.M., Dreibrodt,S., Robin, V., Nelle, O., Khamnueva, S., Richling, I., Bultmann, B., Bork, H.-R., 2012. Settlement and environmental history of a multilayered settlement mound in Niederröblingen (central Germany) a multi-proxy approach. Journal of Archaeological Science, in press, Available online,

Dörfler, W., Feeser, I., van den Bogaard, C., Dreibrodt, S., Erlenkeuser, H., Kleinmann, A., Merkt, J., Wiethold, J., 2012. A high-quality annually laminated sequence from Lake Belau, Northern Germany: Revised chronology and its implications for palynological and tephrochronological studies, The Holocene 22, 1413-1426.

Schroedter, T.M., Dreibrodt, S., Hofmann, R., Lomax, J., Müller, J., Nelle, O., 2012. Interdisciplinary interpretation of challenging archives: Charcoal assemblages in Drina Valley alluvial and colluvial sediments (Jagnilo, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Quaternary International, in press, Available online,

Lubos, C.C.M., Dreibrodt, S., Nelle, O., Klamm, M., Friederich, S., Meller, H., Nadeau, M-R., Grootes, P.M., Fuchs, M., Bork, H.-R., 2011. A multilayered prehistoric settlement structure (Tell?) at Niederröblingen, Germany and its Implications. Journal of Archaeological Science 38,5, 1101-1110.

Dotterweich, M., Dreibrodt, S.: Past land use and soil erosion processes in central Europe. PAGES NEWS 19/2,

Dreibrodt, S., Lubos, C., Terhorst, B., Damm, B., Bork, H.-R. : Historical soil erosion by water in Germany: Scales and archives, chronology, research perspectives. Quaternary International. doi:10.1016/j.quaint.2009.06.014

Dreibrodt, S., Lomax, J., Nelle, O., Lubos, C., Fischer, P., Mitusov, A., Reiss, S., Radtke, U., Nadeau, M.-J., Grootes, P., Bork, H.-R.: Are mid latitude slopes sensitive to climatic oscillations? – Implications from an Early Holocene sequence of slope deposits and buried soils from Eastern Germany. Geomorphology.

Dreibrodt, S., Nelle, O., Lütjens, I., Mitusov, A., Clausen, I., Bork, H.-R.: Investigations on buried soils and colluvial layers around Bronze Age burial mounds at Bornhöved (Northern Germany) - An approach to test the hypothesis of 'landscape openness' by the incidence of colluviation. The Holocene 19: 481-491.

Mitusov, A. V., Mitusova, O. E., Pustovoytov, K., Lubos, C. C. M., Dreibrodt, S., Bork, H.-R.: Palaeoclimatic indicators in soils buried under archaeological monuments in the Eurasian steppe: a review. The Holocene 19 (8): 1153-1160.

Reiß, S., Dreibrodt, S., Lubos C. C. M., Bork, H.-R.: Land use history and historical soil erosion at Albersdorf (northern Germany) — Ceased agricultural land use after the pre-historical period. CATENA 77 (2): 107-118.


Member of VGDH (Association of Geographers at German Universities), DGfG (German Union of Geography), DBG (German Soil Science Society), GV (Geological Association of Germany)

Research Group Soil Geography of DGfG

Research Group Geoarchaeology of DGfG

Research Group Geomorphology of DGfG

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