Prof. Dr. Helmut Föll, Former academic staff

Former academic staff | Institute of Materials Science

Prof. Dr. Helmut Föll (Germany, 1949)

founding member - emeritus

PhD project University of Stuttgart and Max-Planck-Institute Metal Physics
Post-doc project Institute of Materials Science
Research interests Material Sciences

Various R&D positions at Siemens in Munich.

Scientist at the IBM T. J. Watson Res. Lab. in Yorktown Heights.

Post Doc, Cornell University, NY, USA.

PhD (Dr. rer.nat), University of Stuttgart and Max-Planck-Inst. Metal Physics.

Diploma in Physics, University of Stuttgart.

Work experience

Since 1991
Chairholder ‘Materials Science’, Founding Dean and elected Dean of the Faculty of Engineering from 1991 to 1998. University of Kiel.

Since 1991
Si and non-Si Solar cells, electrochemistry of semiconductors, MEMS and ME processes, analytics, and process integration, Si materials science, advanced photonics, nanomaterials.

Si solar cells, electrochemistry of Si, microelectronic processes and analytics, Si materials science.

Experiment & Theory of TEM, defects in crystals, solar silicon, silicides.

Selected publications

Leisner, M., Carstensen, J., Föll, H.: FFT impedance spectroscopy analysis of the growth of anodic oxides on (100) p-Si for various solvents. J. Electroanal. Chem. 615/2: 124.

Carstensen, J., Foca, E., Keipert, S., Föll, H., Leisner, M., Cojocaru, A.: New modes of FFT impedance spectroscopy applied to semiconductor pore etching and materials characterization. Phys. Stat. Sol. (a) 205/11: 2485.

Sergentu, V. V., Ursaki, V. V., Tiginyanu, I. M., Foca, E., Föll, H., Boyd, R. W.: Design of negative-refractive-index on the basis of rods with a gradient of the dielectric constant. Appl. Phys. Lett. 91: 081103.


In progress
Petri, I.: Comparative investigations about extracting and working of metals in the west Slavonic area particularly researched in the case of the earthwork Starigard/Oldenburg (Schleswig-Holstein).

In progress
Warnat, S.: Through Silicon Vias in MEMS Packages.

In progress
Kaden, D.: Herstellung piezoelektrischer Bauelemente.

In progress
Leisner, M.: Untersuchungen zur Porenbildung und anodischen Oxidation in Halbleitern.

In progress
Schütt, A.: Optimierung der CELLO-Technik für neuartige Solarzellenkonzepte und schnelle Diagnostik dieser Solarzellen.

In progress
Oldsen, M.: Ein neuartiger Prozess zur Herstellung vakuumgekapselter MEMS-Mikroscannerspiegel auf Waferebene.

Foca, E. :Macropores in Si: fundamental study and prospective applications; summa cum laude.

Jacobsen, H.: Integration von piezoelektrischen Dünnschichten in einen MEMS kompatiblen Prozessablauf auf Waferebene; magna cum laude.

Kochergin, V.Y.: Optical Properties of Metamaterials Based on Porous Semiconductors and Nanocomposites – Theoretical Considerations and Experiments; summa cum laude.

Hasse, G.: Untersuchungen der kinetischen Prozesse an Silizium-Elektroden mit Stromtransienten- und Impedanzmessungen; magna cum laude.

Frey, S. : Novel formation regimes for macropores and porous anodic oxides in silicon; magna cum laude.

Shakhray, M.: Design and Investigation of Microelectromechanical (MEMS) Varactors; magna cum laude.

Langa, S.: Electrochemical pore etching of porous III-V compounds; summa cum laude. Hejjo Al Rifai, M. (2003): Passivierung und Charakterisierung von Defekten in Siliziumsolarzellen; magna cum laude.

Merz, P. : Herstellung von mikrostrukturierten Oberflächen in Glas und Polymer durch replikative Verfahrenstechnologien; magna cum laude.

Christophersen, M.: Untersuchungen zur Makroporenbildung in Silizium und deren technologischen Nutzung; summa cum laude.