Prof. Dr. Pieter Grootes, Former academic staff

Former academic staff | Leibniz Laboratory

Prof. Dr. Pieter Grootes (The Netherlands, 1944)

founding member - emeritus

PhD project University of Groningen
Post-doc project Leibniz Laboratory for Radiometric Dating & Isotope Research
Research interests Radiometric dating and isotope research

Ph.D.: Thermal diffusion enrichment and radiocarbon dating beyond 50,000 years BP. State University Groningen.

Doctoraal: Experimental Physics with Biochemistry, State University Groningen.

Kandidaats: Physics and Chemistry, State University Groningen.

Work experience

Contracts and functions:
1994 - 2009

Professor of Physics and Director Leibniz Laboratory.

1995 - 1996
Affiliate Professor Geological Sciences, University of Washington.

1993 - 1994
Res. Professor, Geol. Sci. & Phys., U. Washington, same.

1991 - 1993
Res. Associate Professor, Geol. Sci. & Physics, U. Wash., 18O mass spectrometry and 14C-AMS, GISP2 & Taylor Dome ice core projects, paleoclimatology.

1984 - 1991
Senior Res. Associate, U. Wash., same, CO2 cycling under forest canopy, glaciology.

1978 - 1984
Res. Assist. Professor, U. Wash. , 18O mass spectrometry, ice core analysis, 14C AMS.

1977 - 1978
Res. Associate, U. Washington, Seattle, 14C enrichment, K/Ar dating.

1970 - 1976
Res. Associate, U. Groningen, 14C enrichment, 14C dating, paleoclimate.


Early monumentality and social differentiation (DFG, Priority Programm 1400), TP Spatial and temporal differentiation of funnel beaker chronologies

Early monumentality and social differentiation (DFG, Priority Programm 1400), TP Improving chronologies based on radiocarbon dating of bones

Biogeochemistry of paddy soil evolution, TP6 14C AMS as a tracer and dating tool in the study of paddy soil carbon dynamics. DFG Forschergruppe

2003 - 2006
APAME: ‘Archeoseismology and Paleoseismology for the Protection of Cultural Heritage and Archeological Sites in the Middle East. (EU, FP5 INCO-MED).

2000 - 2006
Soils as source and sink for anthropogenic CO2 (DFG, Priority Program 1090).

Selected publications

Sarnthein, M., P.M.Grootes, A.Holbourn, W.Kuhnt, A.Kühn: Tropical warming in the Timor Sea led deglacial antarctic warming and atmospheric CO2 rise by more than 500 yr. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 302, 337-348.

Grootes, P.M. and Nadeau, M.-J.: The radiocarbon dates from Emar: The Analyses. In: Finkbeiner, U. and Sakal, F. (Eds): Emar after the closure of the Tabqa Dam. The Syrian-German Excavations 1996-2002. Subartu 25, Brepols Publ. Turnhout, 245-256.

Ramirez Rossi, F. V., d´Errico, F., Vanhaeren M., Grootes, P.M., Kerautret, B., Dujardin, V.: Cutmarked human remains bearing Neandertal features and modern human remains associated with the Aurignacian at Les Rois. J. Anthropological Sciences, 87, 153-185

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In progress
Fernandes, Ricardo: Improving chronologies based on radiocarbon dating of bones: Isotopic indications of reservoir age and diet.

In progress
Bergemann, Stefanie: Neolithic Changes in the Central Elbe-Saale-Region - The Site Zauschwitz, Lkr. Leipzig.

In progress
Bräuer, Tino: 14C AMS as tracer and dating tool in the study of paddy soil carbon dynamics.

In progress
Pokrandt, Jana: The palaeocology of oasis origin of the Arabian Peninsula (4th Mill. B.C.).

In progress
Iwe, Karina: A Study of the Animal Style of Scythian nomadic horse-riders in Central Asia.

Dreves, A.: C-Dynamik in Böden unter forst- und landwirtschaftlicher Nutzung – Untersuchungen mittels Radiokohlenstoff (14C-AMS)

Rethemeyer, J.: Organic carbon transformation in agricultural soils: Radiocarbon analysis of organic matter fractions and biomarker compounds; sehr gut+

Steig, E. J. (1996): Beryllium-10 in the Taylor Dome ice core: applications to Antarctic glaciology and paleoclimatology. Univ. Wash. Seattle, USA.