Monica de Cet, Alumni


Monica de Cet (Italy, 1984)

M.A. in Prehistoric Archaeology

PhD project
The Prehistory of Menorca: Environment and Demography.
The major aim of this research project is to create a model of long-term demographic and environmental processes for Menorca. The main topics deal with settlement development and spatial organization, demographic processes and palaeoeconomy during prehistoric times (between c. 2000-1600 until 123 cal BC). Available historical data from Roman, Late Antiquity, Islamic, and Medieval times as well as the XIX century is also considered in order to gain a better understanding of the long-term dynamics of Menorca.

This project is based on an interdisciplinary approach and establishes a database with environmental, archaeological, and demographic data fitted to the purpose of exploring specific research topics, such as a) the identification of phases of expansion or contraction of human occupation manifested in the settlement archaeological data, b) site location preferences and the prediction of the most suitable areas to settle, produce or lay in supplies, c) the role of socio-economic organization in a situation with limited resources and possible growing demographic pressure, d) the evaluation of the possibility of sustainable development on Menorca over a long-term timescale.

Methodologically, the project employs GIS analyses and predictive modelling techniques. Palaeodemographical calculations (population densities) and different investigative tools, such as 14C dating and C and N stable isotopes have also been included in order to calculate the Menorcan prehistoric population structure and diet.

Finally, this research project presents an interactive background for the accurate visualization and analyses of Menorcan social spaces. The investigation explores the possibility of considering Menorca as an extraordinary case study for the evaluation of complex human development in the Mediterranean context.

Research interests Evaluation of settlement patterns, the demographic process, subsistence and socio-economical organization.

Member of the Graduate School “Human Development in Landscapes” at Kiel University (binational PhD with Autonomous University of Barcelona)

May 2009- December 2009
Visiting Student. University of Reading, Department of Archaeology. Reading, England.

December 2007- March 2009
MA Prehistoric Archaeology. University of Padua, Department of Archaeology. Padova, Italy. Title of dissertation: “La cerámica calcolítica de Gatas en el contexto del Calcolítico del Sudeste de la Península ibérica’’. Supervisors: Prof. Roberto Risch (Autonomous University of Barcelona) and Prof. Giovanni Leonardi (University of Padua).

September 2003- December 2007
BA Archaeology. University of Padua, Department of Archaeology. Padova, Italy. Title of dissertation: “Analisi tipologico della ceramica del villaggio palafitticolo di Arquà Petrarca, Padova”. Supervisor: Prof. Giovanni Leonardi (University of Padua).

Work experience

July 2009- December 2009
Typological analysis, catalogue, and investigation of Chalcolithic/Early Bronze Age pottery, Collection Siret. British Museum.

September 2008- March 2009
Typological analysis, archaeological design, reconstruction, and classification of Chalcolithic pottery from archaeological site of Gatas, Spain. Autonomous University of Barcelona.

June 2007
Archaeological excavations at Bronze Age site of Castel de Pedena, Italy. University of Padua.

March 2007
Typological analysis, microscopic observation, and design of V-Perforated Buttons from Ses Arenes de Baix, Menorca, Spain. Autonomous University of Barcelona.

October 2006- December 2007
Typological analysis, archaeological design, catalogue, and classification of Bronze Age pottery from Arquà Petrarca. University of Padua.

August 2006-2005
Archaeological fieldwork at the Neolithic site of Col del Buson, Belluno, Italy. “Amici del Museo” and “Sopritendenza del Veneto”.

April 2006
Emergency excavation, city of Feltre and Mel, Italy.

June 2004
Archaeological fieldwork at the Upper Palaeolithic site of Riparo Broion, Italy. University of Ferrara.

June 2003
Archaeological fieldwork at the Medieval site of Limone, Italy. University of Padova.

Year 2003- 2006
Occasional museum assistant, Museum of Modern Art “Carlo Rizzarda” and Archaeological Area, city of Feltre, Italy. Cultural Association “LaFenice”.