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Avila Testa, María Carolina

Avila Testa, María Carolina (Argentina, 1979)

Diploma in Social Work

PhD Project: Health care and therapeutic complementarity strategies among Peruvian inmigrants living in Buenos Aires

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Beck, Christian

Beck, Christian (Germany, 1990)

M.A. in Classical Archaeology and History

PhD Project: Insula IX, 5 at Pompeii as a context of decorative systems

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Faupel, Franziska

Faupel, Franziska

M.A. in Archaeological Science – Archaeometry

PhD Project: Modelling and reconstructing Early Iron Age Interaction and Distribution Systems in Southwest and West Germany as well as in Alsace.

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Hielscher, Adrian

Hielscher, Adrian (Germany, 1990)

M.A. in Classical Archaeology

PhD Project: Imagery and ornaments on small finds from the Insula di Menandro at Pompeii

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Hölscher, David

Hölscher, David (Germany, 1988)

M.A. in Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology

PhD Project: Knowledge transfer in archaeology. A study on the communication of current research content through multimedia learning environments

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