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Lindemann, Matthias

Lindemann, Matthias (Germany 1972)

M.A. in 

PhD Project: Development, Function and Referring of the Landscape of Megalithic Tombs, Enclosures and Settlements of the Funnel Beaker Culture (working title).

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Reuter, Anna Elena

Reuter, Anna Elena (Germany, 1985)

Dipl.-Prähist. in Pre- and Protohistory

PhD Project: Pflanzen und Pflanzennutzung im Byzantinischen Reich

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Schaefer, Stefanie

Schaefer, Stefanie (Germany, 1991)

M.A. in Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology

PhD Project: Bronze Age Transformations in North Central Europe: Scales of Transformation

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Schafferer, Georg

Schafferer, Georg (Germany, 1982)

M.A. in Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology, Medieval and Postmedieval Archaeology, Heritage Conservation

PhD Project: Studies on Architecture and Spatial Patterns of Megalithic Graves in Northern Central Europe (working title).

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Siracusano, Giovanni

Siracusano, Giovanni (Italy, 1952)

M.Sc. in Biology

PhD Project: Animal Breeding Patterns in the Syro-Anatolian Regions from the 5th to the 2nd Millennium B.C. Analysis of the Faunal Remains from Three Emblematic Sites: Arslantepe (Malatya), Zeytinli Bahçe (Urfa) and Tell Beydar (Al Hasaka).

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Talebi, Taravat

Talebi, Taravat (Iran, 1989)

M.A. in Natural resources engineering - Forestry

PhD Project: New insight into the Dutch landnam history of northern Netherlands; palynological analysis on pingo scars (East and Southeast Friesland)

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Wild, Markus

Wild, Markus

M.A. in Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology

PhD Project: “Technological analysis of Lateglacial bone and antler industries of the northern German Lowlands”

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