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Savu, Mihaela

Savu, Mihaela (Romania, 1988)

M.A. in Archaeology and Classical Studies

PhD Project: Tracking a specialization: Fishing gears in the Lower Danube during the 5th millennium BC as an adaptive response to different environmental resources and constraints

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Schmidt, Laura Carina

Schmidt, Laura Carina (Germany, 1992)

M.A. in Greek Philology and Latin Literatures

PhD Project: Sicily and Egypt. Sappho and her biographies

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Schneider, Hauke

Schneider, Hauke (Germany, 1990)

M. Ed. in Classics and History

PhD Project: Aristophanes' Ploutos

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Scholz, Heiko

Scholz, Heiko (Germany)

M.A. in Archaeology

PhD Project: The Location of the Hoard: Study on the Relative Positions of Bronze Age Metal Depositions in the Southern and Western Baltic Sea Region (working title).

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Schroedter, Tim

Schroedter, Tim (Germany, 1978)

Dipl.-Prähist. in Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology, Botany, Soil-Science

PhD Project: Tell in the Woods? Woodland-Management and Social Differentiation of Wood Use in SE Europe and Turkey.

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Schultrich, Sebastian

Schultrich, Sebastian (Germany, 1990)

M.A. in Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology

PhD Project: Maritime networks: Formation, development and significance of Neolithic networks in areas adjacent to the North Sea

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Staniuk, Robert

Staniuk, Robert (1991, Poland)

M.A. in Prehistoric and Medieval Archaeology and Archaeological Heritage

PhD Project: Tradition and Practice – Study on Pottery, Chronology and Social Dynamics of the Hungarian Bronze Age

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Söderlind, Sandra

Söderlind, Sandra (Sweden, 1991)

M.A. in Archaeology

PhD Project: Mobility, contacts and transmission of knowledge during the Mesolithic in northern Europe.

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Tiedtke, Verena

Tiedtke, Verena (Germany, 1981)

M.A. in Prehistoric Archaeology, Latin American Studies & Religious Studies

PhD Project: Grave and Space: Organisation of Landscape and Communication Clusters in and around the Burial Site Müllrose, East Brandenburg

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Titova, Evgeniya

Titova, Evgeniya (Russia, 1977)

M.A. in Ancient History and Classics

PhD Project: Empire Building and Identity Development. The Spatial and Cultural Aspects of the Reign of Tigran the Great.

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Tumurbaatar, Tuvshinjargal

Tumurbaatar, Tuvshinjargal (Mongolia, 1989)

M.A. in Archaeology

PhD Project: Zooarchaeological and biomolecular exploration of the first pastoral societies of the Eastern Steppe

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Wierzgon, Anna

Wierzgon, Anna (Poland, 1986)

M.A. in Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology

PhD Project: Archaeobotanical investigations on urban settlements in northern Germany from the 12th to the 17th century; The case studies of Luebeck, Kiel and Uelzen

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Zanon, Marco

Zanon, Marco (Italy, 1985)

M.A. in Archaeology

PhD Project: Facing adverse climate and land overexploitation. Unfolding mass population displacements in the Garda Lake area during the Bronze Age.

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