Former academic staff

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Former academic staff

Dr. Davidovic, Antonia

Dr. Davidovic, Antonia (Germany, 1971)

PhD: Practices of Archaeological Knowledge Production. A Cultural Anthropological Science Study

Research Area: Human-environment-relationships; concepts of landscape, environment, space and place; practices of landscape production; production and transfer of knowledge, especially the knowledge production in field sciences; archaeological knowledge production; concepts of culture, ethnic groupings, and processes of identifications.

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Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. Depmeier, Wulf

Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. Depmeier, Wulf*~ (Germany, 1944)

Research Area: Mineralogy-Crystallography

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Prof. Dr. Dierßen, Klaus

Prof. Dr. Dierßen, Klaus*~ (Germany, 1948)

PhD: University of Hanover (Habilitation: University of Freiburg)

Research Area: Geobotany

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Prof. Dr. Föll, Helmut

Prof. Dr. Föll, Helmut*~ (Germany, 1949)

PhD: University of Stuttgart and Max-Planck-Institute Metal Physics

Research Area: Material Sciences

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Prof. Dr. Grootes, Pieter

Prof. Dr. Grootes, Pieter*~ (The Netherlands, 1944)

PhD: University of Groningen

Research Area: Radiometric dating and isotope research

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Prof. Dr. Göttsch-Elten, Silke

Prof. Dr. Göttsch-Elten, Silke (Germany, 1952)

PhD: Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel

Research Area: European ethnology

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Prof. Dr. Götze, Hans-Jürgen

Prof. Dr. Götze, Hans-Jürgen~ (Germany, 1947)

PhD: Technical university Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Research Area: Geophysics

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Prof. Dr. Horn, Rainer

Prof. Dr. Horn, Rainer* (Germany, 1950)

PhD: University of Hanover (Habilitation: Technical University of Berlin)

Research Area: Soil sciences

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Prof Dr. Jäger, Wolfgang

Prof Dr. Jäger, Wolfgang*~ (Germany, 1948)

PhD: University of Stuttgart

Research Area: Microanalysis of materials

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Dr. Kleingärtner, Sunhild

Dr. Kleingärtner, Sunhild (Germany, 1974)

PhD: University of Kiel

Research Area: Protohistoric Archaeology

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Dr. Kroll, Helmut

Dr. Kroll, Helmut*~ (Germany, 1948)

PhD: University of Kiel

Research Area: Archaeobotany and plant economy of archaeological settlement sites.

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Prof. Dr. Kuder, Ulrich

Prof. Dr. Kuder, Ulrich*~ (Germany, 1943)

PhD: University of Munich

Research Area: Art History

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Prof. Dr. Mausfeld, Rainer

Prof. Dr. Mausfeld, Rainer* (Germany, 1949)

PhD: University of Bonn

Research Area: Psychology

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Dr. Mischka, Doris

Dr. Mischka, Doris (Germany)

PhD: University of Freiburg

Research Area: Neolithic of middle and northern Europe, landscape archaeology, computer applications in archaeology, survey methods, stone artefacts.

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Dr. Nadeau, Marie-Josée

Dr. Nadeau, Marie-Josée* (Canada, 1964)

PhD: University of Toronto

Research Area: Dating and Isotope Research

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Dr. Nelle, Oliver

Dr. Nelle, Oliver* (Germany, 1970)

PhD: University of Regensburg

Research Area: Historical geobotany

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Prof. Dr. Prenzel, Manfred

Prof. Dr. Prenzel, Manfred* (Germany, 1952)

PhD: University of Munich

Research Area: Pedagogics

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Prof. Dr. Rumscheidt, Frank

Prof. Dr. Rumscheidt, Frank (Germany, 1960)

PhD: University of Göttingen

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Prof. Dr. Simon, Bernd

Prof. Dr. Simon, Bernd* (Germany, 1960)

PhD: University of Münster

Research Area: Social psychology and evaluation research

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PD Dr. Tombraegel, Martin

PD Dr. Tombraegel, Martin (Germany, 1975)

PhD: Philipps-University Marburg

Research Area: Ancient Greek and Roman Architecture

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Prof. Dr. von Wurmb-Schwark, Nicole

Prof. Dr. von Wurmb-Schwark, Nicole* (Germany, 1969)

PhD: Institute of Legal Medicine, Lübeck, Germany

Research Area: Molecular legal medicine

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