To gain an understanding of human development, one needs to detail the interactions between mankind and both its physical and perceived environment. Graduate training and research already emphasizes interdisciplinary research involving both Arts and Humanities and Natural Sciences on this topic at Christian-Albrechts-Universität (CAU). This is exemplified by numerous graduate projects in Natural Sciences that have been, and are, tackling archaeological problems, while, at the same time, cultural studies and archaeology provide important clues and directions for scientific analysis.


Genetic predisposition for leprosy identified in Europeans

The first case-control study on medieval genetic material provides new insights into historical epidemics and their possible effects on current inflammatory diseases

The Graduate School grieves for its alumna Daniela Moser

Daniela passed away on the 12th of April 2018 in her hometown of Trento, Italy, after long and serious disease at the young age of 36.

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