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Johanna Mestorf Award 2015

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We invite recommendations for the Johanna Mestorf Award for Socio-Environmental Research and Landscape Archaeology. This award for outstanding dissertations dealing with an area of socio-environmental research and landscape archaeology of past societies is open to young researchers of all scientific fields.

Early dietary diversity in Africa

Excavation in Sudan

A research team coordinated by Welmoed Out and environmental archaeologist Marco Madella (Barcelona) has found out that humans in Africa already exploited domestic cereals 7,000 years ago and thus several centuries earlier than previously known. The research results have been published in PLoS ONE.

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    To gain an understanding of human development, one needs to detail the interactions between mankind and both its physical and perceived environment. Graduate training and research already emphasizes interdisciplinary research involving both Arts and Humanities and Natural Sciences on this topic at Christian-Albrechts-Universit├Ąt (CAU). This is exemplified by numerous graduate projects in Natural Sciences that have been, and are, tackling archaeological problems, while, at the same time, cultural studies and archaeology provide important clues and directions for scientific analysis.