Boards successfully merged by election


GSHDL and JMA have a joint management committee.


The new GSHDL/JMA executive board elected on December 14, 2017
The Graduate School’s executive board has been re-elected. All current members are willing to fill their respective posts for another 12 or 22 months (depending on the success of the proposed ROOTS cluster of excellence). During the annual GSHDL/JMA plenary meeting on December 14, their candidacy was unanimously approved by the attending GS members. As the intention is to merge the GS executive board with the Johanna Mestorf Academy’s steering committee, the same persons also stood for posts in the JMA committee – and were elected unanimously once again.

The representatives shown in our photo and their posts in the GS executive board are (from left) Ingmar Unkel (deputy representative Platform 1), Oliver Nakoinz (representative Cluster 2), Norbert Nübler (representative Platform 3), Johannes Müller (Speaker and coordinator GS, director JMA), Walter Dörfler (representative Platform 1), Lutz Käppel (representative Cluster 1), Henny Piezonka (representative Junior Professors), Jutta Kneisel (deputy Platform 2), Wiebke Kirleis (representative Platform 2), Almut Nebel (deputy Cluster 3), Mara Weinelt (scientific coordinator and deputy Cluster 2), and Birte Ahrens (teaching). Not in the picture are Annette Haug (co-speaker and deputy Cluster 1), Cheryl Makarewicz (co-speaker and representative Cluster 3), Katja Barth (CAU representative), Claus von Carnap-Bornheim (Schloss Gottorf/ ZBSA and director JMA/ deputy B. Eriksen), Rosalind Gillis (Postdoc representative), Anna Wierzgon and Clemens von Scheffer (PhD representatives). For IPN, there is no representative at the moment.

Text and photo: Jirka Niklas Menke