DAI travel grant for GSHDL alumna


Graduate School alumna Julia Menne has been awarded a travel grant (Reisestipendium) by the German Archaeological Institute (DAI).

Julia Menne

About to pack her bags: Julia Menne has been awarded the prestigious DAI travel grant.

Since 1859, the DAI travel grant is awarded to young researchers with an exceptional PhD thesis. Julia Menne successfully defended her thesis “Keramik aus Megalithgräbern in Nordwestdeutschland. Interaktionen und Netzwerke der Trichterbecherwestgruppe” in Kiel in January 2017 and has now received this prestigious fellowship for her work.

The grant funds an extended stay in the countries of the ancient cultural sphere in order for grant holders to acquire in-depth knowledge of these countries and their archaeological sites and monuments. Due to the critical political situation in large parts of northern Africa and the Levant, Julia Menne plans to focus on the European coast of the Mediterranean Sea, namely archaeological sites in Greece, Turkey and Italy. Furthermore, to see the bigger picture, she will include pre- and protohistoric find spots in her itinerary such as megaliths in Brittany or the Palaeolithic Vézère Valley Caves in southwestern France. Julia Menne intends to start her journey in October.

Among the previous holders of the DAI travel grant are GSHDL members Johannes Müller (1991), Annette Haug (2004), Martin Tombrägel (2005), Martin Furholt (2007), Stefan Feuser (2009), and Philipp Kobusch (2011). The privately funded Wülfing fellowship has recently been awarded by the DAI to GSHDL alumni Torben Keßler (2014) and Natalia Toma-Kansteiner (2016).

Text: Jirka Niklas Menke