New Publication: Sacred Landscapes


In 2011 the conference “Human Development in Sacred Landscapes” was held at Delphi, financially supported by the Graduate School. A volume presenting essays from the conference has now been published, edited by Lutz Käppel and Vassiliki Pothou.

Cover of the book "Human Development in Sacred Landscapes"

From the book cover: “Holy landscape” is a term frequently used to describe a multidimensional phenomenon. What this actually comprises is hard to define. Precisely this question is addressed in this volume. The “holy landscape” depends on people’s Weltanschauung and is influenced by their respective culture and ethos. It is not just a question of religious buildings and rituals, nor is a mere matter of explicating terms such as “pure” and “impure”, magic and myths; it is about an expressive space in which the “ceremony and mood of rites and cults” take place. The contributions also deal with the emergence and continuing development of the term “holy landscape” and the changing expressions of religious mood.


Lutz Käppel, Vassiliki Pothou (Eds.): Human Development in Sacred Landscapes – Between Ritual Tradition, Creativity and Emotionality
1st edition 2015
252 pages with numerous figures, casebound
ISBN 978-3-8471-0252-6
V&R unipress


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