The Graduate School grieves for its alumna Daniela Moser


Daniela passed away on the 12th of April 2018 in her hometown of Trento, Italy, after long and serious disease at the young age of 36.


Daniela in Sicily. Photo: Marta dal Corso


After earning a MA in Archaeology at the Università degli Studi di Siena, she joined the Graduate School in 2010. With her open-minded approach and profound ideas and expertise, she greatly enriched the Graduate School. Human utilization of woodland resources and Roman archaeology were among her main research interests. She was passionate about and excelled in interdisciplinary research: by integrating studies on plant remains, archaeological remains and written sources, she advanced our understanding of the Roman world.

Despite of her illness, last year Daniela submitted and successfully defended her PhD Thesis with the title “Wood in the Roman Age: Cultural Landscapes, Forest Exploitation, and Timber Circulation in Southern Italy”. She also published and contributed to a number of excellent international articles about key sites such as Herculaneum, the Roman Villa of Oplontis, and the Sila Massif.

We will always remember our colleague and friend as the cheerful, bright, precise, and dedicated person and researcher she was until the end of her much too short lifetime. She was full of interests, including being in nature, skiing, travelling, and enjoying time with her family and friends. Besides archaeobotany, her deep interest in the plant world brought her to discover and prepare organic food as well as to grow fruits and vegetables. To cultivate this passion, she also completed a professional training to become a Plant-Based Chef and Nutritionist.

She was very strong in facing the disease without losing her positive attitude towards life. We will miss her inspiring, enthusiastic, and generous presence.

sit tibi terra levis


Should friends desire, memorial contributions in lieu of flowers and condolence may be sent to

ProVeg Deutschland e.V.

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