Young researchers live on stage


The Graduate School and the Graduate Center of Kiel University have prepared the stage for PhD students to present their research in an enjoyable fashion during the Night of the Profs on November 15. Motto: “Future Profs at Night”

Graduate School member Ricardo Fernandes participates in the Science Show at the Night of the Profs 2013.

Far more than 1500 young scientists are working on their doctoral dissertations at Kiel University. Since the PhD students come from many different countries, some of the short lectures will be held in German, others in English. Included among the young researchers are some “old hands” who already inspired their audience at the Science Show during the Kiel Week, such as Graduate School member Ricardo Fernandes. The “Future Profs at Night” enter the stage in lecture hall 2 (building CAP 3) at 8 and at 11 p.m.

Text: Jirka Niklas Menke, Photos: Press Office/Kiel University